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Nollywood Actor Baba Tee And His Ex-girlfriend Speaks Up on The Release Of Her Viral Video After Their BreakUp

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The famous Nollywood Yoruba actor Babatunde Bernard porpularly known as Baba Tee got a hit from his ex-girlfriend Yetunde Oduwole tearful video and posted it on social media.
The Uk based Yetunde Oduwole lamented in tears all the humiliation and embarrassment she had suffered as a result of her relationship with Baba Tee.

Watch the video below

After the release of his crying ex-girlfriend stormed the internet and went viral, Baba Tee cleared the air recently in an interview with E247 magazine where he responded extensively to his ex-girlfriend’s video. He also disclosed that he has moved on and he is in a new relationship.

Below are the excerpts from the interview.

On responding to the video: I was marveled when I saw what the ‘wannabe’ London big babe, as people write (this makes me laugh), Yetunde wrote on her blog yesterday and today. I think I just need to put some things straight.

On her being the one to ask him out: Please Yetunde, how many stories do you want to tell us? You know deep within your heart that you asked me out, though people may not know. It was even reported when you came to Nigeria to beg me to marry you. You were stalking me around during my movie shoot in order to spite your ex-husband. You went to church and told me that your pastor told you not to think about your husband again. Why are you now turning the story around and telling lies?

On her accusations: Are you also telling people that even though you are living on state benefit support in the UK, you can actually get a stay for someone? Madam, stop this lies. You cannot even invite someone over to the UK, talk more of getting a stay. You and I know that, even if anyone does not know. Stop deceiving people because you don’t have what it takes. “Are you also saying that despite my small manhood, you cried ceaselessly begging me to stay whenever we fought? You said I have a small manhood, yet you stayed with me for four years? I only know that my manhood will only be small to a woman with a wide womanhood (sic). Thank God I have a new relationship in which I can feel the sweetness which I could not feel over the years.

On her threatening him: Between November 2011 that we met till October 2014 when we separated, all I spent with Yetunde was not more than six months as I never lived in the UK as people think. Out of the six months that I stayed with her, she threatened me more than ten times with fake police report for threat to her life, fake NHS report, and so on. She even said that she wants to die because of me.

On trying to leave here: She made series of audio and video clips of her raining curses on me, why? I got to realise that all she told me about her ex-husband, Babs were lies. I sat down and thought of her attitude towards a man that she had two kids for, and I asked myself: ‘am I not in hell fire?’ Anytime I tried to leave, she came up with different threats because I didn’t know much about the UK then; that was why I was in the relationship for that long until people gave me courage. “People can criticise me and say whatever they like, but it’s now in my past.

On moving on with his life: Please leave my girlfriend and my folks out of whatever problems you think you have with me, face me and me alone. (Yetunde), you know you don’t have any cloth in my house that my girlfriend can wear, stop attacking people with your problems. All is history now. Her advisers should talk to her candidly to let me be. I have found a woman and I have peace with her. If you are not in the right place, no matter how hard you try to make it right, it will always go wrong.

And now just like most celebrity breakup drama, Yetunde has come to clear up the circumstances that led to the release of the video via her facebook page. She wrote:


And later, she went further to add “Ok! Ok!!! Ok!!!! I’ve heard you all!
Can you guys please leave my inbox alone? Na beg I dey beg oo. Chaiii!!! I can see you all have talents of being Chief Advisers. I clap for you all; but biko I’ve read enough. I don taya. Go about your daily businesses. I guess that’s more lucrative than this. And to those who are getting their kicks right now from sharing the video….please share on if that makes you happy. Your happiness is all I’m after
GBOOOOOSAAAAAA!! (Sorry I’m stealing your signature Ronke ‘Iya Won’ Ademuyiwa”

We guess the storm is over now as it is clear they have both moved on..

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