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Nollywood Producer Emem Isong-Misodi’s Vibrant Baby Shower Photos

by WDN

Emem Isong-Misodi is a proud mum of twins- a boy and a girl!

Before she welcomed her twins, the Nollywood producer and director Emem Isong-Misodi had a surprise baby shower organized by her close friends in May in Houston.

Her guests’ lists include – Nollywood actress Uche Jombo and husband Kenny Rodriguez, director for ‘30 days in Atlanta – Robert Peters, Ghanaian Actor Chris Attoh, Nollywood-USA producers/actress Chisom Oz-Lee, Dtymi Ngozi Ibe, Eva Banks, Bless Brown and the hosts Austin Hansel and Awele Jennifer Hansel.

See more of the lovely photos below!

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Watch the fun and colorful video of the happy mum and her close friends below!

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