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Not everyday texts, and phone calls… It wouldn’t hurt to loiter a few love notes or letters around the house sometimes!!!!

by Beatrice Inim

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Love letters are not the conventional go-to method of communicating, when in relationships, as well as in marriages, especially in this time, and age.

Phone calls, and SMSing have taken over the entire scenery of relationships. And oh! there is the almighty whatsapp.


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You could just right off the bat even be laying in bed, and the thought pops to say something nice to your significant other, and luckily, and even more sweetly for you, and the entire situation, they are laying right next to you. How about instead of literally wording out your thoughts or feelings at that point, you grab a pen, and note pad, and scribble them down. Could not even be anything major major that you have to say, but trust me!! … It is the thought that counts. You would witness firsthand, at that moment, your partner grinning from ear to ear, after you’ve handed them the note, and they begin to read.

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Why are you smiling? You see!! Even you, got a feel of the effect of what the gesture of writing something nice in a piece of paper and giving to your partner sitting or laying just right beside you brings… So go ahead, try it!!

Now, let’s say you two got into argument, and you know, ego sets in, as always does, and noone wants to apologise. How about gentleman, on your way to work, you write a note; Just a few words, and leave it on the kitchen counter for her, or woman, write on a sticky note leaflet and place it on his laptop bag without his knowledge, then race into the bathroom to hide until he finds the shiny neon coloured note as he forges to pick up his bag, just in time to leave the house. Lol!!! funny right? Sheer cat and rat situation!!! But works. Again, nothing major just some “I was totally out of line, i am really sorry. I love you”. That sends the message right across, and even shows that you’re tired of holding a grudge; ‘CAN WE MOVE ON, PLEASE!!!”

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Do not forget. Always always close with an ‘I love you’; It is your prerogative to input that line in the course of penning down your thoughts and feelings, or at the beginning of your letter, but also do that at the end as well.

Speaking in third person, also sprinkles some flavour and spice on your letter, you know? Use pronouns ‘Her’, ‘He’, ‘Him’, and ‘She’, to describe the subject being talked about.

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Finally, the seal. Go on and seal that letter with a kiss. Yup!!Even if you’re a man, steal one of her lip sticks, and plant a kiss on that sweet note.  You may even add a side note that says “And oh yes, honey those are my lips on the letter”…

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Via Google.com

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