IJE NGÁLÄ PepperDem Collection: Fresh, Chic, and Timeless Renewed Revival of Renaissance Fashion Headpieces by Urez Kulture

Better known as Ije ShaKárâ, Ijeure Ezebuike Onwadike is a Nigerian Multi Award Winning Accessory Designer. Current Creative Director for the Celebrity Luxury Accessory Brand, UrezKulture.

Your favorite craft enthusiast recently partnered with some of the industries best on an Editorial shoot For Our SS17/18 IJÉ NGÁLÁ.

Pieces from this shoot are Fresh, Chic and Timeless, A Renewed Revival of Renaissance
from bright, unique and classy pieces to signature bespoke Avant Garde Detailing with its beautiful spectrum of colors. This collection was advertently designed for the unrepentant style enthusiasts. It’s age defying and unaffected by Mortal Limitations.

For slay queens whose taste are impeccable, with a stench of rebelliousness.
According to Shakespeare, “The seasons alter,” Winter. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Then winter returns. And the cycle continues. As the season’s change, fashion too alters. But style is forever.

We will keep creating new obsessively gorgeous show-stopping pieces because the Wardrobe Magnifier has got your back.You’ve Got Zero Options Not To Slay #JoinTheMovement

Photo Courtesy

Photography: @georgeokoro
Headwear Muse: @dora_enwere
Facebeat: @ronaldthe7th
Bespoke Red and Blue OutFit: @Urezkulture
Styling: @Ijeshakara1
Location: @theweddingmall
Accessory Designer: @UrezKulture

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