Pepperdem Couple! Mercy & Ike Got the Internet Buzzing with thier Sultry Videos & Photos

Mercy and Ike got the internet buzzing yesterday when their new videos for a style shoot emerged!

The couple brought all their A-game in this creative shoot and we good see their chemistry and how much they love each other.

From gold flowing gown to black swimsuit, Mercy showed that she is a style icon.


Read some snippets from their couple’s interview by Media Room Hub.

There was a time in the house when Mercy and Tacha were fighting; you were worried but when Mercy reported to you, you became calm and smiling. Are you always like that?
Ike: I know I am too intelligent to know if someone wants to put me in a fight, if you have an issue with Mercy, deal with Mercy, the way I grew up, I like being calm and cool I knew not all that stuff should end up a fight. That stuff is funny, it is entertaining to me. I know Mercy can handle herself. I knew she was good. If I knew the stuff would affect her like that, I would have jumped it, I know she’s good.

Did you go to the house hoping you would meet your man?
Never! During my audition I said it, that I was single but not searching. I said to myself I can do it all alone, like I want to play this game alone. I am a big fan of Big Brother Naija. I used to watch the show back to back, I have a particular housemate then I want to be like, during that time I was single, I just want to play it alone and have fun. But when I met Ike, a whole lot of things changed, we started off as best friends, then the house… They started calling us boyfriend and girlfriend even when Ike hasn’t asked me out, they are already instigating, you know when you wake up, you gist and see this person, there are possibilities of falling in love.


See the videos and photos below!

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