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Perfect Gift! Moradeyo & Olamidun’s Splendid Wedding

by WDN

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When Olamidun enrolled into the University of Lagos for his Masters degree, little did he know he would meet his missing rib in his class. Would you say it was love at first sight or the sign of a beautiful beginning?

Moradeyo shares their beautiful love story with us and the marriage proposal got us smiling. We absolutely love your love Moradeyo & Olamidun. We wish you a blissful marital journey filled with blessings, love and joy.

Their beautiful moment was captured by Godwin Oisi Photography…Let’s leave to enjoy the lovebirds amazing love story.

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Our Beautiful Meeting

From the Bride

We met sometime in November 2010, UNILAG had admitted new students into my department for their Masters programme (MED). OlaMi was one of the new students in my class. I remember thinking to myself the first time I saw him “this one looks like a ladies’man” LOL, for me that automatically meant a red flag.

The first time we spoke actually changed my first impression about him, he saw one of my interior design works on my PC screen and critiqued it. Contrary to my expectations, he sounded very nice and helpful, he even made a few suggestions ( I totally expected him to sound all cocky …don’t judge me lol)

As fate would have it, the seat that was given to him was right in front of mine, we started talking more and became very good friends. I didn’t even realize he was attracted to me all the while until he asked me out. I said “no” a couple of times before the eventual “yes”. I had to be deeply convinced about him. I would say that the decision I made on the 8th of July 2012 was one of the best decisions of my life. OlaMI is the best person to talk to, very sensitive, huge-hearted and Godfearing. Falling in love with him was uncontrollable.

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The Unforgettable Proposal

It was on the 3rd of July 2014 (my birthday). I was looking forward to spending very good time out with him. We went to The Palms shopping mall, we had some ice cream, a good movie and couple of pictures, he had gotten me a beautiful cake…I remember asking how i’d carry it home. he replied “when we get to that bridge, we’d cross it”. I told him I felt like a proper meal to wrap up the day, I had no inkling my day had just begun, I expected we’d just eat at a restaurant around but he drove straight to oriental hotel, he requested a table with the lagoon view and we sat. I would say that the scenery was perfect, there was a small seaside wedding ceremony ongoing on the terrace of the lower floor (that’s my idea of a perfect wedding, if I didn’t know otherwise, I’d have thought he pre-arranged that too) the waiter came out and took our orders. I told OlaMI that I thought the waiter had this mischievous grin about him but he jokingly dismissed it (he’s such a good actor, I didn’t even suspect a thing) after our meal, we talked for a long time about everything and nothing in particular, the waiter then came back and asked if there was a special occasion, OlaMI replied that it was my birthday then he said the chef had a special treat for me, he went into the kitchen and came out with a covered serving tray and some other waiter holding a camera, I didn’t understand when OlaMI rose up and came to my side of the table. It suddenly sank in when the waiter uncovered the tray to reveal a huge cake with the bold inscription “DEE, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” OlaMI dropped on one knee, ring in hand. I was too shocked to utter a word, he stayed on his knees for quite a while until I found my voice and squealed out the reply. “YES, I WOULD MARRY YOU OVER AND AGAIN” and yes I still would…45 minutes later, I was enroute home at the back seat of a chauffeur driven Lexus SUV, two beautiful cakes and other gifts beside me, tears of joy streaming down as I reminisced the events of that perfect day…we indeed got to that bridge and crossed it and here we are looking forward to a lifetime of happily ever after by God’s special grace.

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Traditional wedding photos

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Wedding Vendors


Hair Stylist: Faceperfector @faceperfector

Brides Dress: Ruby Shelves

Grooms Outfit: Akehinde Michael

Traditional Attire: Molbaks Alasooke

Bridesmaids Dresses: Tutu

MC: KC Kingsley

Hall Décor: Paid Events

Catering Services: Angies World Catering services


Background music: Timi Dakola – Iyawo mi

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ify lan March 21, 2015 - 10:19 pm

congratulations 2 my seat partner in lagos state model college meiran! !! God bless ur marriage….ifeoma lan

Bunmi Ajayi March 23, 2015 - 3:15 pm

Congrats dear Moradeyo & Olami! God bless your union.


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