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A Photo-Shoot Turned Surprise Proposal! Amanda and Tam’s Romantic Marriage Proposal Video

by WDN

The moment Tam saw Amanda’s picture on his friend’s phone, he wanted to know more about her. With the help of Tam’s friend, Amanda and Tam were hooked up together and the two will be saying their ‘I Dos’ soon .

But before then, we are happy to bring to you Amanda and Tam’s sweet proposal video and their love story.

Relax, enjoy, and share in their love!

How We Met

Tam (Groom-To-Be)

I and Ibitoru were at a friend’s wedding and the whole wedding nostalgia was kicking in when I decided to ask her to hook me up, so she showed me her friend’s picture and I decided to just scroll right (that annoying thing Nigerians always do when you show them a pic on your phone) and I was like “this one… what’s her story”. So Ib said she was in Lagos at the moment and would let me know when she gets back. I sha followed up with my destiny and in a couple of weeks later IB finally answered me with “oya she’s around” , so she basically called her to meet her up when I was with her. Immediately she walked in I was dazed, my heart literally skipped a beat and it just kept on pumping. After the introduction and some small chat, IB and Amanda went into the toilet and the first thing I told my friend was “I’m going to marry this girl”, we started dating soon after and its been one surprise after the other leading up to this moment and still counting.


Let’s fast forward to Sunday(the proposal)…,

Leon was a photographer that she had worked with in the past and I had a meeting with him about my idea for a photoshoot proposal, we started bouncing ideas off each other in the coming weeks and in no time I had to get a whole project team for the perfect proposal. The only goal I had in mind was to make somebody cry lol, but seriously our goal was to surprise her with a proposal she deserved.

The-bride-to-be(the proposal)

The bride to be(the proposal)

So my friend @heydeb_couture contacted me about doing a photoshoot for her dresses, so she called me up to take measurements and even offered to pay for my hair to throw me off guard lol, she had this beautiful location booked for the shoot… So on Sunday 10:07:16, Tam had already told me earlier on Sunday morning that he was going to be traveling out of the state for work and I said ok and wished him safe journey…so I went up to my friend’s house after church so we could all head down down to the venue of our shoot.. Mehn! My friend kept on delaying up to a point I was so tired and slept off… So finally she woke me up and said it was time to head out to the venue! .. So we got there, I went in to use the ladies to change up to one of the dresses I was going to model …. So I met one of the photographers @7thaprilphotography who told me the photoshoot was a wedding themed one.. So I said ok.. And we kicked off…love songs were playing on the back ground, I was having fun doing my shoot, up until my friend gave me an iPad and said I should watch it… So in my head I thought I was to use the iPad and play with it still for the shoot I was doing .

So, I started watching what was on it, and at first I was confused because I saw my b f(fiancé) saying so many lovey Dovey things and I saw myself crying sheepishly .. At this point I didn’t realize that my family, his family, and friends had already come out from their hiding places… I was so focused on listening to every word he was saying that I didn’t even have the time to raise my head because I was still trying to figure out what was going on… And after I watched the video, I was tapped and Debby took the iPad was from me and I saw my bf (fiancé) the same person that told me he was traveling ooo!! and the next thing, he was on his knees and he held up a prop in front of me which stated ‘will you marry me?’, and he popped the question infront of both fam and friends!!! At that point, oh my!!!! I just kept on crying like a baby, I couldn’t just express how I was feeling and he saw I was crying a lot he stood up and said baby please say yes!! and so I immediately said yes!!! He was so nervous and all shaky!!! Meanwhile, I on the other hand was overwhelmed because I was shocked.. But it was so priceless and all I can say is, thank you lord and I love you baby doll!


Watch the beautfiul suprise proposal video below!

Photography: Leon Photography

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