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A Picture Perfect Checklist Right Before You Say ‘I Do’

by Atai Akpan

The big day is just next door. You’ve practically waited for it. You’ve made sure that each wedding detail has been pushed right down to each not. But hey! Have you considered having a picture checklist? So, definitely, there would be tons of memories to be made right before you walk down the aisle. Pretty sure you’ll be keen on having the photographer for the day, to capture all of it. Why not help him or her by creating a picture checklist? Well, if you seem a bit lost by the whole idea, here are some great picture-perfect moments that ought to be framed for life.

Wedding Gown

Right before you slip into your dress, why don’t you let yourself be captured in that special moment? Perhaps, you could be snapped while you gradually stare at the beauty before you.

Bridal Shoes

You are a princess on your day. Allow the camera to take in the beauty of those shoes that you’ll strut in to meet your prince charming.

The Bouquet

Ladies! Your perfect bridal accessory is definitely a ‘yes yes’ for your picture-perfect checklist.

The Mirror Stare

Mirror! Mirror! On the Wall! I know I am the fairest of them all! {Hahaha!}

A Mother’s love

There will be loads of pictures with your mother in it, but what makes it perfect, is the moment she sees you right before you walk down the aisle.

The Rings

Put those rings up for display! Be creative!

Bride and her squad

Typically, your bridesmaids are your squad for the day. So round them all up and take a shot right before you head out.

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