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When Planning Your Wedding, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

by Beatrice Inim

Wedding planning is never really a walk in the park, but with the right planners, and coordinators, it could go on without much or any hiccups at all.

That said, planners, especially seasoned ones, should be allowed to work their magic when it comes to the intricate details, and items needed for the wedding.

Now, this is where I am going with this.

While some couples know what they want, and recognize the standard, class, and quality of what they want, some other couples do not. In fact, the latter usually aim for a wedding planning that is way above their budget.

I mean, it is great to have a budget, but also do your market research, or have your planner intimate you with that information, so you know what goes for what price, instead of right out of the bat, going for things that are completely out of your budget. and when I say completely, I mean wayyyyyy wayyyyy completely out of the budget.

I’d give one instance to buttress my point. I personally know someone, whose wedding is coming up, and the Bride-to-be wanted to personally get the DJ, without a Planner. So here is what she did. She contacted a friend who Knows the industry and asks for a link. Said friend provides the DJ Link and Bride-to-Be and DJ start talking business. But guess what? She already had a fixed figure in mind, of what DJs should be paid for gigs, so one could only imagine her surprise when the DJ billed her four times the amount she already had in her head…And guess what again..

She was not willing to go down, or higher, on her price, for any reason. In other words, she was keen on paying what she thought, because she believed “Oh for just DJ-ing you guys shouldn’t be earning that much na”

Eventually, she had to double her price, which was still too low for the DJ, but he took it anyways, for the simple reason that his referral was from a very close friend.

Now this will bring me to an instance where couples put their money where their mouth is when it comes to budgeting and wedding planning. There is this popular show on TV where Brides-to-be go dress shopping but are asked what their dress budget is, before they start to try out various dresses, then make their final pick.

This particular Bride had a budget of $2500.. she tried on so many dresses and the one that finally caught her eye was a $2800 dress.. But she put her money where her mouth was, and went $300 higher than her budget, to get her dream dress, instead of forcing her budget down the throat of the designers, for that particular dress.

Ultimately, carry out thorough research, and be willing to forfeit certain things that are outside your budget, instead of going through hell and high water (only to later be in debt), to get it.

And Remember…

You wanting the wedding of your dreams does not mean you have to break the bank!

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