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Please How Do I live Through This Pain?? I Need Help On What To Do

by ayodeji

Please, advise me.  My husband is making me go insane, he uses my past to abuse me(I had a child before he married me) and he knew about it before we got married, he tells me that I should know that he did a big favour for me by marrying him because no man would have married a woman like me that has a child. He calls me a prostitute, thief, stupid, animal, evil, witch, idiot just name it, I am used to those names now. He blames me over any mistake he makes.

Whenever our 1yr old son is sick, he blames me for it and if I tell him that we should take him to the hospital, he will say I want to waste his money. He beats me but since the day I warned him that if he tries it again, what I will do to him he will never forget in his life, he stopped. He does not take care of me, he says I am not a wife to him and he will never see me as his wife, he does not allow me to go out, he does not go to church, and he wanted to even stop me from going to church but I told him that nobody can stop me from going to church.

At times, when I go to church for evening programmes, he will tell me that married women don’t move at night then he will start calling me names as usual. My husband is nice to me only when he wants something from me or when he needs my help on something. He buys everything for the house by himself even things to cook. He keeps telling me I do not know how to cook but licks the plate every time.

We quarrel almost every day,  and whenever we quarrel he tells me to leave his house and if he does not abuse my parent and family he does not get satisfied. There was a day he told me that if I don’t leave his house he will kill me one day, he said that I should remember when we were getting married that the pastor said till death do us part, so he said since I don’t want to leave him he will kill me so that death will part us.

I am just tired of the so-called marriage. Ever since  I got married to him 2yrs ago, nothing has worked for me. I have no job, no business, no money, no happiness, I cry every day, I am in pain. I graduated 3yrs ago and I have not been able to collect my result and the money is increasing every year.

Did I do wrong by getting married to an ILLITERATE? he can not read nor write, I help him do everything concerning reading and writing and nobody knows he can not read and write but still yet he does not appreciate it. There was a time he told me that the only reason why he got married to me is to help him do anything about reading and writing.

All these things are affecting me mentally, what pains me is that I am putting the anger on my innocent 1yr old son. I will stop here If I go on this page will not be enough. Please help me, what should I do, I am dying in pain.

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