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Pre-Wedding Shoot – To be Trashed or Nah

by Funmi Attah


The modern-day wedding trends range from creative proposals to wedding planners, to wedding choreographies to wedding themes and so much more, but one of the most prominent and quickly becoming the most popular trend is the Pre-wedding photo shoot.

Looking back at the days of classical weddings, the early centuries, during the time of our grandparents and even some of our parents. The order of the day was usually, boy meets girl, boy likes girl, girl likes boy back, they meet each other’s parent and the next thing is the wedding day.

I know some would be like I saw my mom’s pre-wedding photo shoot, it was usually the trendy couples back then took pictures wearing matching outfits, where the bride sits on a chair and the husband would rest his hands on her shoulder or vice versa in a photo studio and most pictures would be produced as black and white. Fast-forward to the 20th century, we have the pre-wedding photo shoot which comes in somewhere before the wedding day.

The pre-wedding photo shoot has bloomed into a quest for the most creative couple, some couples even make videos to accompany these pictures. Couples who just got engaged recently got into this conversation during a couple retreat i attended and were going on and on about its relevance or irrelevance.

Well, In my own opinion, I would say these trends should be here to stay a long time, I mean what other way to convey your love and joy to the world about being a new couple and flashing it in the faces of haters and your friends and family can awww and ohhhh about it before the D-day. Some people would say, oh we can  take pictures on the wedding day what’s the rush about, but I’ll let you in on this, most couples are usually so busy, too stressed, too hungry or sweaty to take pictures that would be as good as what they would get from pre-wedding photo shoot.

Apart from it serving as a memory keep, it can also be used as souvenir branding, and can even serve as invites to wedding guests. These days instead of sending hard copies to people and then in the process omitting some guest, videos stand in ending with popular ‘SAVE THE DATE. In conclusion, I would add that pre-wedding shoot, as I have seen and observed is here to stay.

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