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Pretty in Black – Stunning and elegant wedding inspiration

by WDN

We’ve got chills from this bridal shoot. We’re taking the plunge into deep and dark tones for your wedding day. It’s a stylish and sophisticated colour scheme that channels the glitz, glamour and roaring energy of the 1920s.

There’s no colour more chic than black. If you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to proceedings then this is the ultimate shade. You don’t have to embrace the colour in every aspect of your day, we’re not sure anyone is going to be swooning over black flowers or lipstick, but Bridesmaids attire, Groomsmen’s accessories and table settings can all be enhanced with a touch of noir. If your venue is glam or modern, then it may well work much better than a softer palette of colours.

This model is absolutely stunning and looks completely in her element, she rocks the black with infusions of other colours red look very well.

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