Public Display of Affection: Does Kissing and Frolicking in Public Mean you Love your Partner any More?

Showing off with your partner is always something that gives some sort of assurance that they are yours for good. Nonetheless, while that may be facts, it is also known that relationships, especially display of affection should be something that is kept under the radar.

Public display of affection has its woes and foes, in the sense that it may sit well with the beholders, and it may not sit well with other beholders.

I mean, truth be told, it gets quite uncomfortable to watch two lovers, married or not, licking each other’s faces, grabbing buttocks, and basically frolicking around in public, even though to others, it is a sight to behold; it gives them joy to watch people show off their love for each other in public.

Even more interesting, is the fact that most couples see it as a form of validation that their relationship is strong enough to be seen by the world. And hey if he or she is willing to show me off without fear of being seen by certain people, then they must be proud I am theirs.

But sorry to burst the bubbles of this idea’s postulators. It actually does not mean much in most cases. I mean this is 2018, and guys and ladies bend over backwards, go through hell and high water to show people they care about them, even if they do not, because…wait for it.. because…there is an ulterior motive involved.

So..that they flaunt you around does not mean what you think it may mean.

Altogether while PDA works for some, for others, it does not, and not every partner may want to indulge in PDA even if their other half wants it.

But what do I know..

Your thoughts? What do you think of PDA in general?


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