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The Real” – Why Jeannie Mai’s Wedding Ring Has Been Missing This Season!

by WDN

On Tuesday, September 20, in a revealing “Girl Chat,” co-host Jeannie Mai reveals the real story behind her missing wedding ring! Plus, co-host Loni Love shares footage from the Emmys red carpet and reminisces about working with the late iconic producer/director Garry Marshall on his last film, Mother’s Day.

The Real Case of the Missing Wedding Ring!

Jeannie Mai: I’ve been trying to hide for two months now.

Tamera Mowry-Housley: What did you do, Jeannie?

Jeannie: I think I lost my wedding ring!

Tamera: [gasps] No!

Jeannie: And you [referring to the audience] guys put me on blast! It’s all over Twitter and stuff and I’m like “shhh.” Okay, so here’s the deal.

Adrienne Bailon: He’s [referring to Jeannie’s husband Freddy Harteis] going to know now, right?

[The Real audience laughs.]

Jeannie: I know, he’s already knowing because you guys [referring to the audience] keep tweeting and he reads YouTube comments. He sees and he’s like “Babe, where’s your ring? Where’s your ring?” I’m cleaning it. Um, I’m bloated, it doesn’t fit right now.

Tamera: Jeannie…
Jeannie: Okay, so here’s the deal – you know I went to Vietnam and so, to be safe, I take the ring off and I put it somewhere safe. But, here’s the thing – anytime I hide something in my house, I put it somewhere I know nobody knows where it is and I’ll never lose it. The problem is I never remember where that place is!

Adrienne: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! So, you’ve hidden it from yourself.

Loni Love: But, it’s in your house.

Jeannie: I swear it’s in my house, but I just don’t know where it is!

Tune-in September 20th on The Real to watch the sensational moment when Jeannie Mai spilled the beans about her missing wedding ring — Check Local Listings.

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