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Refining of One’s Personal Style – Understanding Your Body Shape

by Atai Akpan

At some point in our lives, we are faced with the truth, that finding and refining one’s personal style can be a huge struggle. Yes ladies! Most times, we peer into our closets, looking all distraught, not knowing where to start from, and literally trying on almost of our cloths just for a day at the office, or an event (Urgh! That used to be me!!!) Perhaps, you have been invited for drinks with friends, and you’re trying hard not to be out of place or look clumsy among them (been there!)

Regardless of whatever situation you’ve found yourself, the key is refining your personal style. Why is it so important?  Firstly, you have to understand that your personal style is not all about first impressions, but it’s also about your personality and your taste. We usually say that fashion is a way of expressing who we are through style. Your clothes and accessories says a lot about you, more than words itself. Secondly, beauty brings about self-confidence. Once you realize that you are legitimately beautiful in what you have on, it becomes a huge boost on your confidence. You strut with so much poise.


Well ladies, whether you’re looking for a total style fix or just looking to try something new to just define your style, here are a few steps (easy and fun) that will definitely make you enthusiastic about opening your wardrobe every morning.



We all vary in body shapes and sizes. First of all, you must understand that the most important thing is knowing your body shape. You have to be able to know where you fit in. This will help in finding out the right silhouettes that will be flattering on you. ( We definitely want to slay! ) There are five basic horizontal body shapes when it comes to fashion and style.

The Pear Shaped. (Who comes up with these names?)

Usually the hips are wider than the shoulder. Also the hips and buttocks seems to swirled up with body fat.

The Apple Shaped.

Usually no defined waist and the weight tends to form on the stomach with an average bust size.


The Rectangle!!  (haha!)

No defined waist. The hips are usually the same size with the shoulders.


The Hourglass (I guess it’s our kim and Minaj’s)

Well defined with hips and bust which are usually big and  almost the same.


The Inverted Triangle

Shoulders wider than the hip with busts that are usually large. Hips are pretty small.



 By now, you must have realized where you fall when it comes to body shapes. Now, it’s time to understand what your personality relies on. Your personality is basically who you are. Comprehending it, will help when it comes to finding your fashion inspirations. For example, we have the classics, which usually consists of a white button down shirt, a pencil skirt or even jeans. There’s also the bohemian style, which revolves round  movement, color and sparkle. They are usually maxi skirts, cardigans and so many others. It is left for you to choose the ones that seem to appeal to you the most.


Afterwards, you could jot down the names of your favorite style icons and do a bit of research through various social media platforms, to be able to gather the right inspiration from their various looks. Pulling the different types of inspiration from different sources will enable you to be pretty sure of your likes and dislikes.




Ladies! It’s a clean-up and clean-out! So, it’s time to take a good, long look at your closet and the pieces you already own. One of the best keys to nailing your personal style is to having an efficient and organized wardrobe. So, it’s time to toss out what you haven’t worn in a pretty good time (starting afresh). It’s time to rebuild and refine your wardrobe with a style that truly reflects who you are. The more you trust your gut, the faster the process will go.  You will also be amazed at how easy it is to dress up with a few spot on options (trust me!)



Come on, every lady loves shopping. Ever heard of a woman who doesn’t love shopping? Ah! Is that one a woman? (hahaha!!!). But jokes aside, we all love shopping. But in order to avoid you reeling out of order when it comes to shopping, you have to have a direction. If you only buy to fill the holes in your wardrobe, you’ll build a great selection much faster. (and we definitely don’t want that) The best way to shopping smarter is to experiment with the latest fashion trends which connect with your personality. The perfect wardrobe should not only represent your vision and creativity, but should also be tailored to your lifestyle. You have to consider the persona you also want to present to the world. You want your style to reflect your personality, but it also has to make sense in your field of work.  For instance, if your work environment is casual, then a jeans would most likely suffice. So, it is best that before you embark on your refinery shopping, you should jot down the different situations you will most likely find yourself, as a guide.


Always remember that your dress size doesn’t matter but your confidence does! Kill the mindset of ‘smallest size is all that matters’ because that number definitely doesn’t build up your confidence. Buy the dress, Wear the dress and Strut with so much poise ladies!!!

Here are a few pictures, for your fashion inspirations!!




























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