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Relationship Matters: Headship Entails More Than Providing Money

by San Dee


I have said this before in one of my last year’s post. Being the head as a man doesn’t just
mean being able to bring money and give to your family. That is just the only obvious part
of your job we get to see. But the role of a man in his home is deeper and more physically and spiritually demanding than what some think. Hence we advice, your age as a man shouldn’t drive you to get married if you are not mentally, physically and spiritually ready
at least to a more than average percentage. As the head, you have the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and brain and these organs play very vital roles in the physical, spiritual and mental state of your family or marriage. Marriage as a man is beyond bringing money for food and school fees, please get that fact. There are times you have to create to hold family meetings with your wife and kids,talk with and to them generally. Have discussions
with your wife, table pending matters and discuss them objectively and pay attention to
each other’s ideas. Discuss with your children and make them your close friends and let them be able to confide in you. Learn with them and be willing to listen to them even if what they say is full of nothing. Make out time to discuss their academics and let them discuss issues bothering them as kids freely with you, the ones you can’t handle direct them to God.
Please sir, create time for bible studies with your family, if possible let everyone be given a
responsibility during the studies. Let everyone partake and learn at the table together. Hold hands and pray together. The act of praying is not for your wife alone, that is your major role as the man,they are all following your precepts.

You are the spiritual leader and high priest of your home, pray and be the warrior and valor
man. Encourage your wife in the place of spiritual matters. Never say the church is for women while they pray for you, you go make money. That is lack of wisdom in display.
Come down to know how your wife is truly doing, sometimes a lot of women won’t speak
their minds except you persist with love and a woman who is able to pour her heart out for
you and you give her that attention, she can take a bullet for you.

Have funtimes with your family, everyday shouldn’t be so serious. Play games, watch
family movies, sing praises, dance to good music in the sitting room together even if there is no party. Pray for yourself as a man, create time for one on one talk with your leader (God) without him your headship is meaningless and you would lead astray.
So many things to say,let me just stop here………..Have a blessed day ahead

Written By San Dee

Photog @peniel_enchill

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Anuli July 3, 2014 - 8:21 pm

Now! This is exactly what I was talking about with my friends the other day. I believe in God Christ Jesus and I’m longing for a blessing like the man you described above from him. For crying out loud I’m not gonna date any footballer because his rich and famous as my friends adviced me to. I’m just asking for a man that has got godly conscience and a praying man. If you don’t set things in order you will never get it right cos I used to date this rich guy that thinks money is all, but I pictured my self getting married to the guy, men!! That’s when I realised that I needed more than gifts and shopping to be happier. I’m still single not in any relationship but happier than when I use to date the very rich guy. I have asked God for a praying man with godly conscience of which I know he will do at his own time. A man who will be a father and daddy, a husband and friend. As I’m waiting for him I’m also working on myself to be the best mum and wife.


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