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Relationship Matters: How to hook a Real Man!

by WDN


I met my husband through his best friend ??.. I had dated this so called boy friend (his best friend) of mine for 4years and he was not showing any sign of (Will You).. I was just hanging on, because I had no plan B.

So I was just there hoping and waiting for the right opportunity .. Until that day my boyfriend asked me to accompany him to his best friend’s welcome party. I did innocently and looked my best.. We got to the party and took a seat, but I noticed my boyfriend was always leaving his seat and disappearing quite a few number of times, leaving me all alone .. I got so pissed at a time and was angrily leaving when a young cute man saw me and stopped me,, lol and behold it was the celebrant. He asked me why I was upset and I told him, he asked to give me a lift home which I agreed, was how we exchanged phone numbers.. Am so so excited that my boyfriend never introduced me as his girl friend ??, that was how I started double dating, until I finally dumped my boyfriend when his best friend proposed .. ??. It was a big drama the day my husband introduced me to my boyfriend (his friend) as his wife to be.. Funny enough my husband never knew I was his ex-girlfriend , until that day. He saw the shock on his face when he introduced me as his wife to be ?, my ex-boyfriend was like (my man, this gal na my babe before oooo , I date her reach 4 years sef ), my husband shouted, ? 4years, bro u no try….but any ways , she was meant to be your girlfriend and my wife .. ??, and that was it… I was so surprised when we got home, that my husband came to be on bended knees to say (baby thank u for choosing me). I was so shocked to the bone, cause I was about to even apologise to him…‪#‎Ladies‬, whatever will be will be. Just hold on with that guy wasting your time, but do not hesitate to dump him when you find Mr right ..I also got to realise that not every body you date will marry you. Some MALE use women to grow to become REAL MEN.. Be warned.
What is your take on this? Was she being smart or she played a game of risk?…Would you also double date to get your perfect man at all cost?
Fashion Illustrator: @Peniel_Enchill

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Amina October 12, 2015 - 6:00 am

Smart! Simply smart. The part where he knelt to say ‘Baby thank you for choosing me’ has me in tears. *love*

Titilayo October 12, 2015 - 10:11 am

Wow!!!!! What a great mindset of life.Is good to be honesty with everything you choose to be.

tynu October 12, 2015 - 11:09 am

In fact, I will triple date…yea! #don’tblamemecosavhadittoughwitsingledating

CHRISTY October 12, 2015 - 3:55 pm

when you double date for the right reason is not bad ooooo…. especially when there is no any sign of commitment from your first guy… abeg is the best you can do #oju ti ri oo…#* speaking yoruba*

diane October 13, 2015 - 12:31 am

Well 2b quite honest…. d game of love is a risky one n that’s where the word “Careful” comes in but lyk she said, what will be willcdefinitely be when the time comes….


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