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Relationship Matters- Money? Very Essential

by San Dee


Some Guys Won’t Like This Truth But I Will Say It.

The Era where a man walks up to you and tells you,Hey! I love you and want to marry you without any good source of living has passed,infact there wasn’t any era as such. The bible said,Adam you shall till the soil and provide for your family to eat,Eve! you shall conceive in pains..We all have Major responsibilities and must be accountable for them. Marriage is not for people who are jobless or can’t fend for a family,If you entered marriage and challenges came up,that is totally different. Anyone advicing you to get married to a Man who aint even pushing wheel barrow to make ends meet is a mediocre and a deceiver. Such counsels are weak and untrue.
Before you accept a Man to Marry,ensure you know his capability in terms of carrying out financial responsibilities,don’t let all those cheap noise makers to deceive you and make you feel its wrong for you to know. Its more than important to know the financial strength of a man before saying I Do. He may not be Dangote but should have a source of living to cater for himself and another mouth. People keep shying away from these truths,later when problem arises,they begin to look for succour. If he is still hustling and don’t have enough to fend for you and an extra mouth and you see he is very hardworking,support him for sometime and see where he can amount,help him secure a good future if he is focused and hardworking. Support him and see where he is headed,if there is no future,no focus,no plan and he is lazing around and jumping like a frog from one party to another or from one club to another,looking for who to give him freebies. Please Let him park well.

Do not Say I do to a Man who you aint sure of his Financial Status or who poses like he is busy but busy doing nothing only to cajole you into marriage. Instead of saying I Do,watch him and support him to grow and see the turn out at least for sometime.

Don’t let anyone deceive you with this trendy talk of Ladies like Money..That’s cheap talk. Will you go and count bridges in his house before? Or will you be staring at the ceiling and counting pots and plates. You too as a lady will be working but you must understand that when it comes to taking care of the bills and other Major financial responsibilities,He would be incharge. This also adds respect and honour to him as a man.Don’t let anyone cajole you into a marriage of Scam and gnashing of teeth forever.
Even though he pushes wheelbarrow for a living,as long as he can take care of his responsibilities,then you can accept his proposal.

Let No Pastor,Friend or family Member deceive you into marrying Only because of love,because at the end,its you who will be standing and facing it all.

Some guys are taking this Cheap Talk too far because they are lazy,and are looking for someone to pet their laziness or inability to take up responsibilities but the Real men know what it means to get married.
Love alone is not enough to say I Do..Marriage is reality of another phase of life,its not a world of fantasy.
Marriage aint for Big baby Boys,If he aint financially ready,allow him to be before you get yourself into a traumatic mess.

Marriage is worth waiting for,don’t be deceived.

Real Men don’t go around making complains of ladies loving money and all that crap. They go and work to meet up with their responsibilities and don’t have time for such irrelevant talks.
Find Out very well what a Man is doing to make ends meet and see if he can cater for a family with it without your support,if he can’t,Please Do Not Marry Him Yet. Wait and build with him.
Money is a Very Important Factor in Marriage,anyone who says otherwise is only trying to fool you. Once again,even if he is a Wheel barrow pusher,a Hunter,a Farmer,A tomato seller,It doesn’t matter..As long as he can take care of his responsibilities,If he is lazy and can’t cater for a family please wait! Meanwhile you too as a lady should get busy with a Job too to support your future husband.

Please Be Guided.

Author- San Dee

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Ifunanya April 5, 2014 - 10:14 am

Love it!

oladunjoye funmi April 5, 2014 - 11:06 am

True talk!

Mimi April 5, 2014 - 1:57 pm

Real Talk, If you can’t be responsible, stay single, don’t marry n stay lazy waiting for da wife to feed you

vic August 27, 2014 - 4:57 pm

Nice 1

omonzenyan April 7, 2015 - 7:41 am

What if u ask a guy how much do u earn and he pick it as quarrel. Is it a bad question.


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