Relationship Matters: Some Facts You Need To Know About Marriage


Marriage is a personal decision. Choosing who to marry is also a personal decision. You don’t need to seek the consent or the permission of your friends and family before you marry someone. It is wrong for you to start asking your friends if the person you are about to marry is good looking or not. It is not proper to ask your friends if the person you are dating is good enough to be your husband/wife or not. You should be mature enough to know what you want. Friends should not decide for you who to date or who to marry. Pick any person of your choice. Date any person of your choice. Do not allow anyone to discourage you from dating the person you love. Who you date is not anybody’s business. Who you married is not anybody’s business. Afterall it is only you and your wife/husband that will live together in the same room. Your friends and parents will not live with you in your matrimonial home. So why should you allow them to decide for you who to marry? This is why marriage and dating are for mature people only. If you are not mature enough to know what you want, do not go into any relationship.

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