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Relationship matters: Things that will tell how successful your marriage will be

by WDN

Rome was not built in a day; the couples you see celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary did not have a smooth sail. There were moments they cried in pain and there were days the fights and arguments made them pale. It is disheartening seeing young couples’ love for each other grow cold after a few years of marriage. They fight so hard it is difficult finding them on the same page. For some unknown reason, some of them are filled with rage that they refute every tongue asking them to patch things up and manage. It is not only beautiful getting to spend the rest of your life with someone you love; it is a scheme many couples have been able to pull off. Every successful marriage you see pulled through years many would consider tough, so when we provide you tips and information that would make yours too better, do not call it a bluff. Marriage they say is a life long journey; not everyone enjoys the trip and taste the honey. It is more than funny that some people base the success of theirs on money; while money is important in a union like that, couples who lose focus chasing it will end up being lonely. Some of the things that will determine the success of your marriage are below:

1. Criticism

This is a major problem many couples face in their marriages. They often forget the fact that they were not raised with the same doctrine and should not treat one another like inmates in cages. As a man, if you have to rebuke your partner, do it with the love and understanding of a father. Constant criticism has a way of eating someone from within; do not ever let your partner feel doing you a favor could end up becoming a sin. Therefore, avoid criticizing your partner.

2. Taking each other for granted

Many couples feel the clause of marriage gives them the right and liberty to do as they please, whereas they should be more loving and should avoid things that may fill the union with ills. While you feel you know your spouse too well, it is not a ground for you to act as you like and make their lives a living hell. Being familiar with your partner is no doubt a good thing; the moment you start to ride them, you are letting the devil in.

3. Not being appreciative

Here is another way couples make their marriages fail. A union in which the couple expresses all forms of appreciation towards each other would survive the strongest gale. While doing this, they would have an understanding of each other and would be able to progress in life. This is an important aspect of marital life that we cannot but talk about. It goes a long way in knowing whether they would last long in the union or opt out.

4. Failure to express love

Many people stop professing their love to their partners as soon as they get married. They become a different person and assume their partners know they love them despite the fact that they are emotionally rigid. In marriages, couples should learn to talk about love and fears. They should be able to feel the initial spark they felt even after being together for many years. This is the only thing that can take them through their journey as one.

5. Creating a timetable for love making

This is no doubt one of the things that could make couples drift apart. It is like you are pulling the strings of your partner’s heart. Love making is not just a process that should leave couples panting for breath; it should be a time for the souls and bodies to connect.

6. Lack of respect

If you want your marriage to turn out to be a huge success, you should learn to respect your partner. Everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect; not doing this would make the union one with a defect. This will make your union last and help you record a tremendous success in it.

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