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River Themed Shoot Like you’ve Never Seen Before: Classic Vintage Love Story

by Funmi Attah

Aduke and Banji’s vintage moment will put a smile on your face. If you are getting married in the year 2020, and you want something out of the ordinary for your pre-wedding shoot, then you will get loads of inspiration from this amazing concept.


Morenikeji… the love story of Aduke & Banji

My love for you is woven into my soul
Blue at every hue
It does not loosen, it does not break at its seams

My love for you is the royalty of the loom
Boldened by the embroidery of your smile
And the grand beads rest at the valley of your bosom.

My love for you grows, it is crafted in unforgettable memories
Made by the brush of God and the polish of companionship.

We are powerful together
Royalty from thousands of culture shared by an Anko of vision and values

I love you with every thread of my being.


My love for you soaks every fiber of my life
Red with patterns of golden memories
I found love in your heart and made it my home.

My love for you is the Queen of Shakara
Teasing you till you confess your love for me again and again
You will have me always, in you I found genuine companionship

The confidence of your cap, the toes showcased by your sandals
The aura of your presence sends sensations around my lips

I’m blessed with a dance from my heart because of your companionship.
It’s like a shield and shelter for my trust.

We are powerful together.
Our companionship shares an Anko of vision and values

Photo: @raremagic_gallery
Asooke: @ceomaniaalasooke
Mua: @folhuwa_mua
Gele: @taiwos_touch
Beads: @rochem_iyaileke
Groom: @iam_alexcross
Bride: @kbsmodels
Video: @adetolafilms
Poetry: @fairchild09

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