He said because he pays the bills, I must act his maid; If she doesn’t, another woman will. Who should pay the bills in a relationship?

Who, and what determines who pays the bills in relationships, or who takes the greater responsibility, between both involved? The general notion is that a man is the bread-winner of the family, and the woman, just a ‘help meet’.

The word ‘help’ in that phrase ‘help meet’,  even pretty much sums up my discussion here.


Women should obviously help their partners. When the man takes up most of the responsibility, he is expected to be getting some form of assistance from his lady as well. He’s not super man!! Even if he was, and did not mind that you were not helping out, how about let discretion take its course and inform you to chip in every now and again.

But it gets tricky as what we have talked about may categorically apply to the married folk; what then happens in boyfriend-girlfriend situations?? In this case, whatever rocks you two’s boats really.


Lay out everything; what is expected from whom, what who or who should bring to the table, basically everything as it relates to that particular relationship’s operation. If you both agree to the ‘terms’, and i use the word ‘terms’ in the loosest way possible, then the relationship can commence, if not, you agree to go your separate ways; maybe remain friends. That way, both parties know exactly what they are getting, or not getting into. Nonetheless, I believe if it is a situation where you are live-in partners, you can both foot the bill. Again, if the man has got it all covered, and says that he does, the lady should still hold up some areas of keeping the household together, from time to time. As a lady, doing that will give you some sense of worth, and value. you certainly will feel happy about the fact that you can also provide for you and your partner, whenever need be.

I’d end with this very distasteful comment I heard someone make recently “If I, as a man, am paying the bills, then I can go out and come back whenever I please, and if I drop a banana on the floor she better be ready to pick it up, if not, another woman will”..Quite obnoxious, ey? The fact that you carry the heaviest weight when it comes to running the house, or relationship, does not mean that your lady becomes your maid, and has no say in whatever decisions you make. Bringing in the cheese most definitely doesn’t make her the any lower, or higher than you. Treat your woman with love and respect, and ladies, honour you man, and help out in whatever way(s) you can every now and again!!!

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