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Secrets to a Fun Wedding Reception

by Funmi Attah

Of course, the ceremony is the most important part of the day for you and your partner, but the reception is what your guests are most looking forward to. Make the reception celebration memorable by planning a night your guests won’t forget.

Remember that many of your guests have traveled to spend time with you, so ensure an interactive event.

Gear your guest up by starting off with your first dance. All eyes will be on you during this period, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to amaze your guests. Imagine starting with a slow dance and then suddenly switching to a fast one, this will set the air for a lively dance party

Jide Odukoya Photography

Jide Odukoya Photography

As meaningful and wonderful as toasts can be, it’s important that you don’t let those toasting to drone on and on. Quite frankly, it’ll put a break in the evening. When it comes to toasts, it’s really all about quality, not quantity. So direct anyone who is speaking in advance to keep their speeches to two minutes max.

Seat guests with people they’ll know and get along with. A well thought out seating plan leads to great conversation, which leads to a great dance party.

Jide Odukoya Photography

Jide Odukoya Photography

Play danceable music if you want to keep the dance floor packed and also fuel your guest. Have them feed on varieties of meals to their satisfaction.

Jide Odukoya Photography

Jide Odukoya Photography

Sometimes the best parts of a reception are the things guests don’t see coming. Surprise your guests with unexpected entertainment during the cocktail hour or reception, like a belly dancer or even a salsa dancer.

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