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See 3 Simple Tricks On Pulling Off A Small Intimate Wedding

by Beatrice Inim

Wedding ceremonies and receptions have,  since time immemorial, been known to be massive and a huge event.  Nonetheless,  there has been,  and still are,  couples that go the not too loud route,  i.e they opt for a more intimate wedding,  than the orthodox big wedding celebrations.

For such Couples,  here are three simple tricks to getting it right,  when planning a small intimate wedding.

It goes without saying,  that what ultimately makes a big or small wedding,  is the number of guests invited. So,  if you want to pull off a more intimate wedding,  the Guests list should be quite brief. If you are having trouble narrowing your list down to a small figure,  here is what can help-only  jot down names of persons you have been in close contact with,  in the past three months. Another way would be to ask yourself this question “Can I invite him or her to dinner,  or as a guest to my house for the weekend?” .. If the answer to that question is yes,  then you have your wedding guests, and if it is no,  then there is no need adding such names to the list.

After the guest list have been extremely minimalized,  you now want to pick out a non conventional wedding venue. Having fewer people attend the wedding,  means you can have the ceremony,  and/or reception,  at other venues,  unlike the regular halls,  and events centres. Your intimate wedding can be on the beach,  reception can follow at a nice restaurant,  or a unique space,  with everything you need,  in one space- Hotels,  and family houses also fall in this category.. Anything but big wedding halls would just do.

Lastly,  Spending wisely,  would actually help you make your wedding a small and intimate one.  Lots of money usually goes into planning and making weddings happen,  so,  if you are looking at making it a more intimate one,  you want to definitely consider spending prudently.  If you don’t spend too much or extravagantly,  it would mean that you are keeping things close knit,  and pretty intimate. If there is still extra money left to be spent and you are looking to splurge,  put that into a good expensive live band,  also, pick expensive delicious menus,  and hire the best photographer. These three elements would not affect the size of the wedding in anyway.. You would still have an intimate wedding,  and the best one while you’re at it!

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