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Home Blog Sending Wedding Invitations in the jet age; Bulk messages, or door-to-door Invitation???….

Sending Wedding Invitations in the jet age; Bulk messages, or door-to-door Invitation???….

by Beatrice Inim

Back in the day, i remember whenever my parents got invited to a wedding, the invitation was delivered personally to our house by the Intending couples..They would sit in the living room, and one of us, that is, myself or my siblings would go call our parents “Mummy, Daddy, Aunty Ifeoma and one man are here to see you”, or “Mom, Dad, you have a visitor”. Whatever the case, my parents wold leave their room and go attend to said visitors in the living room, who would then hand my folks a fancy-like card. This will be followed by screams, hugs, and congratulatory exclamations and prayers.

We always wondered what that meant, but as we grew older, we realized it was two people who were getting married soon, and had just come to invite my parents to their wedding..That was the norm!!

Now fast forward to years later, with technological advancement, and of course, social media, it beats me if that process still takes its course. From the look of things, emails, or bulk SMSes could suffice..I stand corrected anyways..and oh There is whatsapp groups, and broadcast messages. I mean..who still goes to the homes of all 1000 guests to deliver a piece of card..

Now, thanks to more and more civilization, couples can send emails to their guests, explicitly detailing the intricacies the guests should know about the wedding..Most couples still go out of their ways, however, to have some access cards, and Invitations delivered to Guests, but they do not necessarily deliver it themselves.

Ultimately, i believe e-invitations would only work for a certain group of people, and other wedding Guests would expect to receive hard-copy Invites. Consequently, #Couplestobe may have to identify that lot and do the needful. Eventually everyone gets an invite, and that is all that matters..

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