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Shaq and Drew’s Wedding Video Highlight is Absolutely Swoon-Worthy

by WDN

Shaq and Drew broke the internet last year with their awesome and captivating wedding photos!

The couple recently celebrated their 1st year wedding anniversary and they decided to give us a romantic glimpse of their love and friendship by sharing a beautiful wedding video highlight.


Shaq and Drew met like 10 years ago. Everything about their wedding video speaks so much volume about their awesome relationship and the friendship values they have for people around them.

Here is a little bit about how the couple met ….as shared on

“We met in 2007 during undergrad at Virginia State University while I was majoring in Accounting and He was Majoring in Manufacturing Engineering. Andrew was in his fifth year and I was just a sophomore. He was sweating me ever since he laid eyes on me. However, he was moving back to New Jersey and I would be in school for two more years before moving back to Brooklyn. We didn’t know how we would make it work, but we did! We spent countless hours on the phone and I came home every chance I got. We have many similar interests like traveling and philanthropy. Our goal when we met was to travel together at least once every year and so far we have. We’re not a perfect couple but we’re perfect for each other. We’re learning so much from each other. We’ve learned how important it is to have God in our relationship and our lives. We’re learning how to keep our relationship, fun and exciting! Most importantly, we’re learning how to compromise. A true partnership to us is about devotion and finding the perfect balance.”

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