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She farted and I broke up with her!

by WDN


She mistakenly farts when you both go for an American visa interview, who does that?
Guys I had waited for 35 years to get a US visa only for my girlfriend to fat when it was our turn. You see I had decided to go with her because the officers like to see that you have ties to your country and I thought taking her to the US would probably make her happy, plus I have the money to take her so why not. It was our turn to approach the window and she dropped something on the floor, as she bent down to pick her pen up, my very pretty girlfriend farted and people started laughing, the officer asked us to come back when we were ready for another interview because we had disrupted the peace.
I did not believe my ears I bursted into tears outside the gates, she knelt down begging me and said she had been holding it through the screening process and could not help it.
I told her it was over between us because she seem to be a stumbling block to my bright future, You know why I am saying this? I have tried 5 times to get a Visa and everytime I always got denied. I finally started my own business and build my account not making a single withdrawal in a year just to save up enough for them to see that I am loaded, then she freaking FARTED………

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Becky October 7, 2014 - 2:44 pm

Granted it is embarrassing for your girlfriend to fart and for everyone to hear. But that isn’t good enough to leave your girlfriend and is it her fault you got denied your visa 5 times? If it isn’t then I think you are just thinking of a silly excuse to leave her.


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