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Which Side Of The Bed Do Sleep On & Why Do You Prefer The Side?

by ayodeji

Couples who share a bed almost always have a system for how they share the bed. That makes sleeping together easier and more efficient.

With things so well organized they don’t have to spend time discussing how to use the bed tonight. An important part of the predictable system couples have is that they usually know which of them is going to sleep on which side of the bed.

Here are some funny reasons though:

I Have to Get Up First: It’s convenient for both partners if the person who is going to get going first in the morning is on the side of the bed close to the alarm clock and away from a wall. That way, the first person up can wake up and get out of bed without bothering the partner much.

I Need to Be Closer to the Bathroom: In some couples, because one partner makes more bathroom trips, that is the person who has the side of the bed closer to the bathroom. With easier and quicker access to the bathroom, the person can get in and out of the bathroom quicker and will do less on each bathroom trip to disturb the partner.

He’s Not Gonna Step Out on Me During the Night: One woman wanted her husband to sleep close to the wall because that would make it harder for him to get up in the middle of the night for a romantic encounter with another woman or a night of heavy drinking. He’d have to get by his wife to get out of bed, and his trying to would wake her up, and then she’d insist that he stay in bed.

So which side do you sleep on? and please tell us why?



Source: Huffingtonpost

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