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So Now You Have Become Her Slave?

by Mo Aremu

A Man Dusting and a Woman Relaxing

Is it really a big deal to wash your partner’s underwear?

So let’s discuss the fact that men feel washing their significant other’s underwear means that they are under some spell or something.

Well this is a scenario.

A wife wakes up on a Saturday, she decides to do the laundry. Depending on the house setting she can wash them with her hands or with the washing machine. She separates before she starts like this

Whites on one side;

Underclothes on another side (hers and her husband’s)

Shirts and tops with like colors on the other side……….etc

Laundry dries up in the dryer or on the line and she neatly folds her and her husband’s boxers/drawers, puts them away in the storage under the bed.

On a weekend the couple has family over (the man’s sister and mother) just for a few days but unfortunately the wife is sick. Well let’s say the good sickness because she is pregnant but they have not told anyone yet, she is weak and cannot do much. The husband decides to do all the housework, he repeats the same things that his wife does on Saturdays like cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and doing the laundry.

Have you read the scenario properly?

Ok here is the response from his sister and mother.

His mum keeps watching him and asking if he needs help and his sister jumps into action making lunch and breathing heavily as though she is tired, from time to time she glances over at the wife in the living room hugging a duvet because she seems feverish all of a sudden. The sister makes a mocking face and twitches her nose as though the wife is only pretending. She makes eye contact with her mother from time to time and the two of them seem to communicate without even speaking to each other.

Later in the day the mum calls her son and tries to talk to him and find out if everything is fine in the house. The husband is surprised and being a man, he ignorantly does not read any meaning to his mum’s questions. The mother not making progress with her son decides to talk to her daughter in-law, ‘you need to do more around the house because your husband can not do everything for you, I understand you people are in love but a woman needs to do her duties in the house’. The wife being a respectful lady makes an attempt to get up and go to the kitchen to finish up, but her husband takes her by the hand to the bedroom, makes her lay down and she sleeps off, he continues chores in the house and innocently missing his mother’s disapproval.

Mum and daughter cut short their stay, leave early and decide to call friends and family to find out if what they saw is a usual thing. No one says anything but the vibe they get is that this so called husband has become a slave in the house and the wife has ‘used his head’.

Turn the whole situation around and let’s say the woman is the one cleaning, cooking and all, do you think the sister in law will help out, they will only say well done and tell people that their son is enjoying and that he is well, ‘marriage is good for him’.

The reason for this post is just to let everyone know that it is not a big deal when a man washes his wife’s underclothes or decides to do chores around the house, do not judge a family by one or two visits because you do not have a clue what happens all those days when you are not there.

No one is using anybody’s head!

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funmi January 9, 2015 - 9:58 pm

You made a very good point.Thanks for sharing

olawunmi January 10, 2015 - 1:51 pm

Wish a lot of young married couples could see this and learn to be more helpful

adeola January 14, 2015 - 12:10 pm


nene January 23, 2015 - 7:14 am

sounds just like my hubby(minus the mother and sister part..Lol). It’s little things like these that make marriage Sweet, If only more hubbys were like this. Thanks for this post


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