Something Different From The Regular: The Unique, Stylish and Gorgeous Bridal Wear

This new bridal wear trend is a unique one in that, it is different from the regular aso-oke we see around. It is inspired by Deola Sagoe of @deola_by_deolasagoe and it is basically referred to as “Komole Kandids Motif”.

Deola Sagoe has re-branded the fashion world with her Komole breathtaking bridal wear, the “Komole Kandids Range”. The details on the iro and buba are quite fascinating and one can tell from the details on them.

These designs are just an innovated answer to lace fabrics. It combines both “Aso-Oke and Lace fabics” which are majorly bridal outfit on their big day.

Who would dare to say that this “Komole” look is not beautiful. We love them so much because they speak true class and elegance and even evoke a sense of royalty in their appearance.

See the Photos of the Iro and Buba “Komole Designs” and be inspired.

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Dresses by @deola_by_deolasagoe

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