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Spice up your wedding inspirational photoshoots, by going the unconventional way with these creative pointers

by Beatrice Inim

Dress makers, as well as companies that operate  bridal dress rental services, more often than not, have to showcase their dresses, and other wedding/bridal accessories.  Nonetheless, in advertising wedding dresses, through the media, especially through social media campaigns, what readily comes to mind is getting models to muse for the dresses; another thing that is usually considered, with regards to where the shoot will take place, is to carry out the photoshoot at a photo studio.


Going this route, does not stop the pictures from coming out fantastic, neither does it deter the shoot, and eventual results from its purpose, which is to showcase wedding dresses.

But how about we switch it up a little, or all the way up? There are various other ways of bringing the fabulous wedding dresses to the eyes of the public, and in a more appealing, and interesting manner, such that potential clients, or a general audience do not become bored of the entire campaign.


Having the model, or muse stand by a flight of stairs, should not be a bad idea at all, especially if the stairs are uniquely spectacular, and beautifully designed. For full ball-like dresses, this spot for taking pictures, is indeed, the absolute best, as the dress cascades down the stairs in all of its volume, giving it a dashing outlook.


Taking the shoot outdoor, especially during the day, not only fully illuminates the dress but also adds some form of naturalism to the entire  shoot. Muses, and models can stand on the path between two lovely tress, or just strike a pose in the bushy surrounding. Another twist to this, would be to caption a still motion picture of the muse taking a walk around the tree-filled surrounding. This depicts that the model is enjoying the feel of nature, and taking in what such a beautiful environment comes with.


The beach, most certainly, cannot be left out from this list. The beach is a calm, beautiful and soothing place to relax. So, why not take your bridal dresses photo shoot to such a serene environment, where the sun can set onto the shore, filling the entire atmosphere with solitude. The muse, at this venue, would also look like a happy, peaceful bride.


Bear in mind, that taking pictures at ordinary venues that capture a beautiful view from behind, is an interesting way to go about your wedding inspirational photo shoot. For example, taking pictures in a plain room that capture an artsy or unique-looking background, like buildings, or the streets, is one way go about it.

Ultimately, Whatever shot, venue, muse, postures, or creativity you plan to imbibe in your wedding inspired photo shoots, aspire to be unique, and entice potential clients enough to want to patronize your services.


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