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Splendid Engagement Session – Ify and Obinna Were Two Youth Corpers Who Fell In Love and Their Love Story is a Beautiful One

by WDN

Ify and Obinna are destined to be together!

Their love story started when Ify deployed to another camp to carry on her youth service call. This has been one of the best decisions she had ever made and ever since she met Obinna, she has seen her life changed in an amazing way.

Read the couple’s sweet love story shared by the lovebirds and view all their amazing pre-wedding photos captured by MDG Weddings! 

Our Love Story…


From Obinna Emmanuel Okongwu The beginning was like a movie set, two young corpers on a path that changed our lives forever (for the best). 21st August 2012 would remain one of those remarkable dates: I set my eyes on Ify. I reported for CDS group placement at the NYSC zonal office in Port Harcourt and on the same day she reported as a redeployed corp member from Jigawa state. At first sight, she was simple looking, sitting on the office pavement, reading a novel and waiting for the office to be opened as we reported quite early. No sooner than we discovered we were to serve in the same CDS group, I quizzed her about a lot of stuff and found out she had known my sister (Ifeoma) all the while. Keeping a conversation with her was so easy as there was a whole lot to talk about without getting bored. Days turned to weeks and we became inseparable friends.


Soon any day without speaking with her became bad days and friendship later turned to dating. As our relationship deepened, there were only a few things to discover about her as she was barely with me from the onset. Early this year (2016), things were so smooth between us and then some kind of fear set in (what if I lose her). Right from then the search for the “one ring” began. One ring to give a lasting sweep, one ring to bind us forever. 29th May 2016, I set her up to an evening date with my wonderful friends and colleagues (@Fourpoints Lagos) and right before them I popped the million dollar question. I saw my baby broken and overwhelmed by emotions. she said YES. I won an old bet which I won’t give details of. She’s mine forever and I’m so privileged to have her by my side. (You can refer to her story if you need more details of how it all happened, I can bet she’ll tell it better)



This is my all time favourite story… I get to smile whenever I have to recount these remarkable events. I’m no believer in fate but on this I can clearly say fate got its way with this one. I was to be posted to HIV/AIDS awareness CDS after I redeployed from Jigawa State to Port Harcourt during my service year and then the Corpers’ Liaison Officer called me out to express his belief that I’ll do better in the Computer support CDS as I read Chemical Engineering (oops, not so coherent, I guess he wanted to keep me close so he can chyke me). I happily accepted as I’m techy (but not so much compared to my boo). He further explained the conditions: only 2 Corpers to report for duty per day of the week. So we are 10 in this CDS group. I chose Friday as my CDS day and left. The next day, the CLO called and said he had to move me to Tuesdays due to unforeseen circumstances and I happily accepted. At Obie’s end, he was initially posted to the HIV/AIDS awareness CDS and he was suddenly moved to the Computer Support CDS when the need arose. Who knows, if we had met in our originally proposed CDS groups, we would have been drowned by the crowd there. It was a clear Tuesday morning on the 21st of August 2012, I reported for CDS quite early so I took out a book I had to pass time. In about 15 minutes the office opened and there I met Obie who was to be my CDS partner. We got familiar and I realized I knew his sister who was “a senior” back in secondary school. Obie sounded intelligent and that prompted me to investigate him a bit more.



I rushed through the pages of the corpers’ register that had everybody’s grade from Uni. When I saw him I was rest assured we’ll make great friends. Wink…I have a thing for intelligent and smart people. Weeks passed and our friendship metamorphosed, we could talk forever. I tried to friend-zone him while he wanted better than friendship (I guess).. On my birthday in 2012, Obie delivered an awesome gift( I had a message at every hour emphasizing how amazing and beautiful I am: yea, he’s that sweet). Who won’t fall for that. The 1st day in December 2012, he tried to tell me how much he liked me, I was so upset (weird right?). I cried and told him how he’s about to ruin our friendship. I avoided having long conversations with him all through the Christmas until we resumed CDS for the new year. He didn’t stop with his expressions and sooner than I thought, I began to yield. April 20th 2013, Obie proposed we go on a date. Turning him down would have been cruel. He turned up on time with a well scented rose (a very determined gentleman I must say). The atmosphere was welcoming from the music to the comfort of his car (oops, did I say his car, his sister’s car). ———————————————————————————————————— >>>



2016, was I suspicious? All the way. But I didn’t want to get my hopes too high. My friend Agatha began to probe me in April, she cooked up a story of her male cousin who wanted to buy a ring for his girlfriend and the girl reminds her of me. She asked I help. Of course, I suspected and hoped it was for me ooo…lol. Then my friend cooked up the perfect story that he was so desperate, he needed the ring in a week as he was to propose to his girlfriend the following week. This made me give up hope as I had no plans on seeing  Obie for the next two months talk less of a week: TRICKS all the way. I helped shop for the ring and I kept hope for Obie to get me a ring I love if it ever crosses his mind to ask me to be his wife.


The weekend of May 29th, I was to be in Lagos on Friday evening. Work came up and I had to reschedule. Geez, Obie was so upset. I was too. We worked around it and I used an evening flight on Saturday. He over pampered me sha during this trip. I ate whatever and we went anywhere I wanted. I was drowning in the affection. We planned to wrap up the break with a dinner date. FourPoints by Sheraton it was. The weather wasn’t so friendly but what can stop two determined lovebirds. While we were dining Obie was so busy with his phone. I got bothered and asked why? He dismissed all suspicion; “my colleagues had some challenges out in the field and needed my input” was his response. I understood because no work, no special dinners. Dinner was great and we talked about random stuff.


Familiar songs played softly in the background (a few of them are our favorite songs). In that very memorable ambience, a hotel personnel stepped up and presented us a gift as their 2000th couple diners in the year (all staged by Obie). Obie received the gift and passed it to me to open it. It was a cascade of 3 boxes, On the smallest of them was the inscription “Zales”. As I curiously hurried to reveal its content, I could hardly notice what was going on around me. As I opened it, I couldn’t believe my eyes, It was a beauty. I raised my head to find Obie on his knees with a “multitude” of his colleagues and friends behind him. I was too overwhelmed to hear the exact words he said as I was broken down by my emotions (trust my tear glands, they didn’t fail at this time). The question was popped and I didn’t hesitate to say YES. Am I excited? why not. Can I wait? Na. Will I choose him all over again? Yep without a thought. Obie is the perfect reality of a dream I never had. As a top up to all these, he’s so handsome. He’s my imperfect friend and I love him perfectly.


































Background Music: No One Like You by P-Square


Shoot Location: Radisson Blu, Artican Beach and  Alaka Bridge
Makeup: Glam_by_Tuprettie
Style: Style_xs

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