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Finding Mr. Perfect Husband Part 3 By Vicky Bon Uzuazor

by Vicky Bon Uzuazor

Yes, here is the Part 3. In case you missed Part 1 and Part 2, kindly click here and here respectively.


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Kissing her with incredible tenderness, he slid his arm around her waist and reached for the light switch.

“Welcome to my home.” He whispered softly against Imabasi’s ears.
Her eyes widened at the beautifully furnished apartment.
The sitting room shelf had medals and award statues lined up on them.
There were over ten scented candles which had strawberry, berry bloom and cherry scents. She felt like she was in a perfume factory. This was just the type of life she wanted, the kind of man she wished for; perfect without flaws in all ramifications.
Troy was tall, handsome and above all intelligent. He was a clean guy with a good taste. He was an Introvert, romantic and very loving; Just what Imabasi had always wanted.
He pulled her tightly against his chest, she felt the certainty and the power of his words when he spoke against her ears.
“I am happy to have you right in my house, right in my arms.”
“I love you too.” She replied softly. It was the first time she ever said that and meant it with her whole heart.
A smile edged his lips. his intense hazel eyes were practically glowing.
“I cooked. I love cooking and it’s something I enjoy doing for someone I love.” Troy said, as he held her hands to the dining table.
“What did you cook?” Imabasi asked looking amazed at the bowls on the table.
“Potato and beer soup, steamed lemon pudding with treacle sauce and I made earl Greg tea spritzer.” He said softly as he opened the bowls one after the other.
He carefully led Imabasi to a seat, and handed a plate and a scooper to her. ” Dish whatever you want.” He said.
Imabasi was grateful, she felt special and well treated by Troy. Her instincts was right about him, he was just that perfect man she had always wished for.
“What about your family?” Troy asked.
“Ugh, My mom and dad are in Nigeria. Akwa Ibom state Nigeria…”
Troy giggled, “I have never heard of such a name before. You know the first time you told me your name, I had to write it down on my pad, so that I won’t forget.”
Imabasi gave a soft smile, and then continued. “I have a brother in Romford. He is a medical doctor, he works there.”
“Great. Well, I am the fifth child of my mama. We are five boys. My mama lives in Croydon, I visit her once in a three months. She and my dad got separated when I was younger.” He said, as he spooned a heavy load of the lemon pudding with treacle sauce in his mouth.
“I will love to see her someday.” Imabasi said softly.
“Sure baby, sure. She would love to see you too.”
Moments after they finished eating, Troy cleared the table, while Imabasi assisted him in washing the dishes.
“Do you have a girlfriend?” Imabasi asked calmly.
“No, I won’t be asking you out if I did. I used to have a girlfriend, we broke up after I discovered she was cheating on me. Maya was bitch. But I’m glad I have found true love with you.” he said drawing close to Imabasi. “What about you? Do you have a boyfriend?”
Imabasi shook her head. “I have not dated someone for over two years now.”
“You were meant for me.” He said huskily.
A fierce longing swept through her, speeding up her heart, as Troy grabbed her wholely to himself.
As their gazes locked, a strange sense of peace settled over her. She turned away, frightened by the intensity of his gaze. But he held her face and kissed her like his life depended on it.
“I will hope for many more days like this.” He looked deep into her eyes. He took her chin, and turned her face up to his.
“I hope you won’t break my heart my darling?”
At that moment she wanted nothing more than to tell him how much she loved him.
She wanted to tell him how lucky she was to have him. But she couldn’t, she was mute for a moment, letting the words hang on the air. She kissed him again, even more passionately.

Imabasi was seething with anger when she saw that Miriam was in her bathroom.
She had just returned back from work when she heard water rushing into the water cistern.
She began to remove her dress, and then her shoes.
Miriam startled when Imabasi called her by her native name, “Ekemini Udobot! Come out from my bathroom before I pull you out!”
“Oh Ima so sorry. I knew you won’t like this. The water cistern in my toilet isn’t flushing. I will have to call the plumber later.”
“You know I hate sharing my bathroom with anyone. What if you’ve got infections like fungals and bacteria, what if you’ve got candidiasis and itchy vaginal infection?” Her face suffused with bitter anger. But before she could say something else, Miriam was out from the bathroom. The towel was loosely tied around her, she gave Imabasi an angry stare.
“You’re saying all these to me just because I used your toilet? Have you forgotten I also contribute to the house rent?”
“I don’t care. You have your bathroom I have mine. Use yours. You know how I hate sharing my things with anybody.” She said, as she picked up the folded clothes and threw them in a traveling bag.
“I won’t give you the opportunity to talk to me anyhow again.” Miriam said softly, as she walked out of the room and then paused.
“Victor called the land Line. He said he really wants to see you, that your number isn’t going through.”
“Next time he calls, tell him I have a date now. I have a boyfriend, the perfect boyfriend I have always wanted! Shame to you all!” She said aloud. But Miriam gave a loud sigh, shook her head and walked away.
Few moments later, there was a loud horn from a car outside. Imabasi checked through the window, her heart skipped as she saw Troy’s car.
“He is here!” She said excitedly to herself as he packed few clothes in her handbag and walked hastily to where Troy parked.
Troy came out of the car to assist her with her bag. She stumbled and almost fell but for the firm grip he kept on her arm.
“Sorry darling.” Troy said huskily as he kissed her on the forehead. She became shy and pulled her hands off him. Troy opened the car respectively for her, she got in without looking at him.
Troy got into the car and drove off.
That same evening, after Troy made dinner, Imabasi tried to compose her face, but the sight of Troy standing naked in the bathroom with her, so masculine and sexy, his body glistening with water, his hair white with shampoo.
“I am shy.” Imabasi said softly as she covered her face with her soapy hands.
Troy bursted out into laughing. “Common, don’t be shy. It’s me baby.” He managed to say through the laughter.
He glared at her, with the shampoo running down his neck and chest.
She wiped her eyes, when she tried to get into the foamy bathtub with him.
He held her close to himself. A reluctant smile tugged at his mouth and Imabasi hugged him. He was so handsome when he smiled, and she couldn’t resist kissing him even more.
“I will be taking you to mom next month at Croydon. She will be so delighted to see you.” He said Softly, as he kissed her even more.
“my only family now is my best friend and my brother.” She said.
“You can bring her here to spend the weekend with us.” He said.
Imabasi became overwhelmed. She couldn’t wait to introduce her best friend to Troy.


Miriam was typing with her laptop when Imabasi walked into her room.
She was on her bed, and only the typing sounds from the keyboard was heard.
She took a sip of coffee and dropped it back on the stool beside her bed.

“What do you want in my room? This is my own space Imabasi.” She said with an angry tone.

Imabasi stared at her pitifully. She clasp her hands together and then pondered for a while on what to say to Miriam.

“I am so sorry for what happened between us. I am such a naughty friend bestie. I should have just let you use my bathroom without bickering. I am sorry.”
She said softly.

Miriam looked into her eyes, and all she saw was contrition in her gaze.
She reached for her hands, and led her closer to the bed. Her eyebrow arched, and she gave her a hard Look.

“I forgive you.” Her tone was deeper, as a light smile curved her lips.
Imabasi gave her an unexpected hug, they squeezed their eyes shut and took a long breath.

“I missed you!” Imabasi said amusedly.

“Me too.” Miriam responded. They were both relaxed in each others arms.

“For getting you pissed, I am gonna pay for the rent next month alone, and take you on a weekend trip to somewhere.” Imabasi whispered excitedly as she redrew herself gently from Miriam’s arms.

“Your new boyfriend must be a champ!”
Miriam exaggerated, while Imabasi nodded delightedly.

“He wants me to bring you over to his house for a weekend.
He is so sweet! He cooks, gives me foot massage when I am stressed out, cuddles me, doesn’t nag, he smells like wonder. He has this sensual and sexy smile he drowns me with…”

“I hope he doesn’t have bushy armpit like Teddy your crush from Columbia?”

“Mimi! awweeee…” She squealed. “Don’t remind me of that son of a pig. He was everything foolish.”

Miriam was laughing out loud, and Imabasi was laughing too. Laughing and playing, and feeling like a kid, like they had when they were in secondary back in Nigeria.

“You have met so many types of men in this country. At a point, I was praying to God to just ignore your silliness over making a choice and keeping to it, and thanks to him he has finally given you the almighty perfect Troy.”

Imabasi excitedly watched Miriam as she talked about her encounter with men and kept laughing and breathing out aloud.

“You’re a big case Mimi, you mean you remember all of them huh? Do you remember Teejay from Wembley?”

“You mean the guy who had a brown tooth and tiny legs? The guy was almost a dwarf.”

Imabasi’s laugh sounded like a cry, as she laughed out aloud, clapping her hands together.
“Teejay is the shortest man I have ever seen in London. And he was so loud. He kept talking about how he had sex with a girl at Northala fields…you remember that story?

“…And the girl screamed his name uncountable times.”
The two women laughed and joked till they were tired. They made dinner together and planned on visiting Troy.


Fashion Illustrator: Illustration315

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