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How to Survive Wedding Season in Nigeria

by Atai Akpan

Save the date, it’s a wedding! I am pretty sure that by now, you may have one or two weddings under your belt. Your supposed ‘Aso-Ebi’ material is most likely sitting at your ‘tailors’, while you relentlessly keep surfing the net for the next style you’ll have to sew for the next wedding coming up. Oh Yes! It is indeed a wedding season and you’re definitely roped into it. A while back, I used to dwell on the notion that the wedding season in Nigeria usually begins in February, but that seems to have changed drastically.


Of recent times, weddings have been seen to happen during weekdays and public holidays, thereby killing the notion that ‘Saturdays are only for weddings’. Weddings are fun. It is a reason to dress up, drink free booze and dance.

Here in Nigeria, it is also an avenue to meet new people (perhaps your dream man for the single ladies) for the married women, it is an avenue to show off that marriage glow to the other ladies, as well as show off your man. There’s also the slayonces that pop up at various weddings who are all about the pictures for the different social media platforms. Irrespective of all, the fact still remains that it simply is a ball of merriment even with the tedious meetings of both the good, the bad and ugly.


For some ladies out there, especially the single ones, the wedding season tends to be a nightmare to them. Mainly because they aren’t the blushing bride walking down the aisle, rather it is that of a friend or a family relative. But why dread it when you can simply enjoy it? Here’s some alternative advice to aid in your impending wedding adventures this season.

It is No Obligation!
First and foremost, you must eliminate the idea that you are going to a wedding out of obligation. You must understand that no one is pressurizing you to come to their wedding. Yes! No one! Be it a family wedding, with or without your presence, the wedding will still go on. You are doing no one a favor by going to their wedding simply with the mindset of being pushed to be there.

High Expectations!

Avoid going to a wedding with great expectations to avoid such expectations from being crushed. Most single ladies often attend various weddings with the sole purpose of getting their dream man, forgetting the fact that it isn’t all about them, but the couple. In most cases, when such expectations are not met, the event ends up being a sourly one for them, when it isn’t supposed to be so. Always bear in mind that it is not about you.

Dress to The Nines!

This is a key point in surviving the wedding season. We all must have experienced a few demises here and there when it comes to Nigerian tailors and their last-minute palavers. In order to make a statement at the different weddings, you must be able to lock your Aso-Ebi down. Your outfit must definitely be on point. You must make sure that dress is ready, right on time. If tying a gele is needed, you must make sure that you gele game is strong. You cannot be left wanting in the beauty department, who knows you might end up running into an ex or perhaps an old friend. But do bear in mind, that most times, the simplest coordination is all that is needed. Try as much as possible not to take the spotlight from the bride.

Knowing Your Alcohol Tolerance

Most guests lose themselves when it comes to drinks. When at weddings, do try as much as possible to curtail the amount of drinks you take. It is usually said that if you do plan on taking alcohol, try as much as possible to have a meal right before the event. No one wants to be remembered as the uncontrollable drunk at the party.

The Wedding Gifts

Always try to get the wedding gifts ahead of time. It mustn’t be too expensive. Just try as much as possible to get a reflective gift for the couple. It is the value that matters.

Rolling Squad or Your Plus One?

Whatever your relationship status is, whether you’re single, in a relationship or married, whoever you chose to go with, do make sure you sure you always have in mind that you all came to have fun. Avoid being glued to your phone, engage in conversations around, after all, it is a wedding.


Snap! Snap!! Snap!!!

Pictures! When making the beautiful wedding memories, always lock them with your selfies. Don’t forget to take them while your makeup is still fresh, so you can slay in style.

Seal it off with a Dance!!

Oh Yes!! Be the Queen of the dance floor. Don’t be afraid to unwind, After all, it is a joyous occasion.

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