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Swept Away By Love: Motola and Babarinde’s Fun-Filled Wedding

by WDN


We are over the moon excited about our featured wedding today….say hello to Motola & Babarinde. They are such a beautiful couple and their wedding is simply gorgeous, filled with beauty and elegance…filled with the love among their families and friends.

Motola & Babarinde beautiful wedding was captured by the ever so talented, wedding cinematography, Henry Adewale and Dele Oyedepo, the photographer. Their work is STUNNING…..totally smitten with the quirkiness & fun radiating from Motola and Babarinde’s gorgeous wistful wedding that took place at the Hanover Manor……there is so much beautiful “eye candy” to see….Enjoy!!

1-Tola+Babarinde - Wedding

2-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

3-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

4-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

5-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

6-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

7-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

8-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

9-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

10-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

11-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

12-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

13-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

14-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

15-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

16-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

17-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

18-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

19-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

20-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

21-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

22-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

23-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

24-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

25-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

26-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

27-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

28-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

29-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

30-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

31-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

32-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

33-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

34-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

35-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

36-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

37-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

38-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

39-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

40-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

41-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

42-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

43-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

44-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

45-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

46-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

47-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

48-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

49-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

50-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

51-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

52-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

53-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

54-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

55-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

56-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

57-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

58-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

59-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

60-Tola+Babarinde - WeddingJPGJPG

Click to watch the wedding highlight below

Tola + Babs 4.19.2014 Wedding Film Highlight from Henry Adewale Films on Vimeo.


Wedding Cinematography: Henry Adewale Films (henryadewalefilms.com)
Wedding Photographer: Dele Oyedepo (d2to.com)
Wedding location: Hanover Manor
Decor: The potted Geranium
Wedding Gown: Lesole Bridal by Dupe Sole

Background Music: Michael Buble- Close your eyes

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ashabee July 5, 2014 - 11:24 pm

Talking about a fun-filled wedding……this rocks!!!

Princess Abby July 6, 2014 - 2:28 am

May God bless your marriage.

elijah July 18, 2014 - 9:50 pm

wish you joy all-through

pear July 21, 2014 - 6:13 pm

lovely wedding. can i know the name of the song being played on the background and artist. thank


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