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A Love that was Always Meant to Be: Tina & Remi’s Intimate Wedding

Tina and Remi are best friends and lovers; their numerous photos give insights to how they cherish and love each other dearly. We are excited when Remi, a London based photographer, sent us his romantic wedding photos for us to feature on the blog, and of course, we couldn’t resist the uniqueness and intimate moments […]


Divinely Yours: Antonia & Stanley’s Delightful Wedding + Ear-Tingling Love Story

Antonia and Stanley are a couple who are meant for each other! They complete and compliment each other in any way you can think of. Antonia believed God had a special plan for her when she met someone special on a bus. Antonia and Stanley’s beautiful love story is divinely orchestrated…this is one of the […]


Meisha & Lewis Fun and Beautiful Wedding

We are happy to share with you the beautiful wedding of Meisha and Lewis that took place on the 5th of July, 2014. Meisha and Lewis are childhood friends and they never thought they would get married. The fun-looking bride personalized her beautiful day with a unique hand-tied bouquet and a classy glasses. The navy […]

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