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You & I Forever: Olubunmi & Dami’s Splendid Wedding

Olubunmi and Dami’s love story is filled with excitement and fun. We love their different version of their amazing story. “Dami has an awesome personality, he is so down to earth, he gives me his shoulder to lean on. He is a good leader, extremely romantic, great listener, my butty (tush) boo *lol*. He makes […]


My Perfect Gift From Above: Motilayo & Banji’s Beautiful Wedding + Amazing Love Story

Motilayo was not ready to settle down when she met Banji. Motilayo didn’t want to fall just for any guy but someone special and dear to her. Lola was concerned about Motilayo’s single status because she knew she was insecure about men. She tried really hard to bring Motilayo out of her comfort zone to […]


Divinely Yours: Antonia & Stanley’s Delightful Wedding + Ear-Tingling Love Story

Antonia and Stanley are a couple who are meant for each other! They complete and compliment each other in any way you can think of. Antonia believed God had a special plan for her when she met someone special on a bus. Antonia and Stanley’s beautiful love story is divinely orchestrated…this is one of the […]


Forever Blissful: Ezinne and Kelechi’s Graceful Wedding

When Zinny went to the village to enjoy some quite moment during festive period in 2012, little did she know she would meet someone that will be part of her life forever. The village became something to cherish ever for Zinny and Kelechi……their children and grandchildren will have a lot to talk about when they […]


A Moment Like This: Chiboze & Eberechi’s Special Moment

When two people are in love, nothing else matters to them. Chiboze & Eberechi enjoyed their lovely dance talking and looking into each other’s eyes. They just couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The beautiful wedding took place in Newyork, videography was done by talented Maxwell Jennings. Enjoy…… The wedding location was queens ny […]


The Bridesmaid & Groomsman Fall In Love: Jagila & Kijah’s Awesome Wedding

When the bridesmaid and groomsman fall in love, one should expect amazing love story! Jagila and Kijah were both on a bridal train at Jagila’s cousin’s wedding. Kijah is the quite and reserved type but when he saw Jagila, he couldn’t just let her slip away at the wedding without making a move. Jagila was […]


Forever Yours: Ope & Ayo’s Splendid & Romantic Wedding

Genuinely speaking, Ope and Ayo officially met almost a year before they started dating during a brief encounter at a church service. It wasn’t their time yet neither was it love at first sight. On the night they met, Ayo’s words to Ope were not encouraging that night and Ope wasn’t impressed . It was […]

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