The Beginning of Forever: Tomi & Tunde’s Awesome Pre-Wedding Shoot + Beautiful Love Story

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#TomiTunde2015 is the hashtag trending for the Tailor and her Prince Charming. The couple met in church and were both divinely connected. Tomi was skeptical about changing her place of worship due to some personal reasons, but unbeknown to her, God has a special plan for her. Tomi & Tunde attend the same church and both are in the choir ministry.

Their love story is purely a blessing in disguise! ” As people dedicated to the service of God and knowing the importance of seeking God’s counsel in everything we do, we inquired of the Lord; waiting several months for his clearance. We eventually got it and so I decided I wanted to have her ride with me through every phase in the journey I so looked forward to and rather than the conventional way of popping the “will you marry me?” question, I simply told her there was a journey ahead of me I would sincerely love for her to follow me on ’till the very end…. She seemed confused at first, not understanding my words. Then came a beautiful smile on her face when she finally understood. “Yes, I will,” she replied”, says Tunde




Did you have any premonition he had feelings for you and was going to ask you out?

Nope! I never even thought I’ld date anyone in the choir. As a matter of fact, I was already contemplating changing church to one where I’ld meet better prospects! LOL. Every week that I planned to stop attending rehearsals, my choir director would send me a song and ask me to score it for our next ministration. Singing, especially ministering in church gives me joy so it was difficult to leave, I eventually just stayed.

At what stage in the relationship did he ask for your hand in marriage?

Few months into the relationship; on our way from a church service we both attended together, he parked the car, turned to face me and said “Tomi, are you willing to go on this journey with me? It’s going to be long, a bit rough and tough.” I wasn’t quite sure what he meant but I replied “Yes”. The whole dimension to the relationship changed from that day.

The ring came later and I still said “Yes”


What was it that ultimately convicted you to say yes to his marriage proposal?

He came across as an open and sincere person. He didn’t hold back on things that he probably could have. It’s one of the things I admire a lot and that put my mind at rest about him.

What are some of the challenges your relationship went through?

Our upbringing and background vary quite alot, so our perception about a number of issues weren’t same but we somehow found common ground and learnt to accept our differences as a blessing and not otherwise.

Despite the odds, our love for each other and the close friendship that we shared kept us going.


Now to the groom, Tunde

Did you have any premonition she had feelings for you?

Instead of thinking she had feelings for me, I actually felt she despised me as she seemed never interested in anything that would make our paths cross so I never made the mistake of thinking she had something for me.


What made you think she’ld agree to date you?

Well, since I didn’t even think she had any feeling for me, it would have been a dream to assume she’ld agree to date me but of course I didn’t rule out the possibility of we been friends. So I started scouting day and night for an opening (windows of opportunity) to at least be seen because it seemed like I didn’t exist to her- either as a member of the choir or a member of the congregation or even a human being. Lol! So I kept hoping for that window of opportunity to at least let her know that I exist.


Did you have doubts at any point:

Like every other good thing that happens to any human, there were times when I had serious doubts as to whether she’s “The One” or not. There were too many challenges and obstacles that threatened to unsettle our friendship but there was an invisible force that ALWAYS pushed us through. And then just as typical of every lady, she sometimes acted alien, but something somewhere always reminded me, “You sometimes behave in like manner.” Without any form of audible agreement, we steered through to the glory of God…


What are some of the challenges your relationship went through?

Hmmmm….My intention was what everyone (her siblings especially) made sure to screen properly since I was seen as this bad boy turn good and she was seen as an opposite. Secondly I had a few female friends around too and it was tough convincing her I was just friends with them. It was also rocket science of some sort trying to convince her I wasn’t married and never been married as she always said I looked like one who is married (never knew married men have a way they look…lol). There were stiff oppositions from friends, family and the supposed well-wishers as everyone wanted to be sure of my intention…Lol. And despite all of the odds, there has always been this unseen force that has always pushed me through….







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Background music- I Found Love (Cindy’s Song) by BeBe Winans BeBe & CeCe Winans

Photo Courtesy:

Photography: Ffx Photography (@ffxweddings on Instagram)

Bride’s Outfits: Tee Threads Fashion (@teethreads on Instagram)

Groom’s black Suit: Kola Kuddus Couture (@kolakuddus @kolakuddusofficial on Instagram)

Styling/Creative direction: Gbenga Ayo-Dada (@gbengaartsmith on Instagram)

Makeup: Semowo Omolola (@molurlahsmakeover on Instagram)

Hair: Bernard Okon (@bernardsmiless on Instagram)

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