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The Bridesmaid & Groomsman Fall In Love: Jagila & Kijah’s Awesome Wedding

by WDN


When the bridesmaid and groomsman fall in love, one should expect amazing love story! Jagila and Kijah were both on a bridal train at Jagila’s cousin’s wedding. Kijah is the quite and reserved type but when he saw Jagila, he couldn’t just let her slip away at the wedding without making a move. Jagila was happy to be on the bridal party at her cousin’s wedding but she found out that one of the groomsmen had all eyes on her every time she turned to look. She felt uncomfortable and literally she just couldn’t do anything to stop Kijah from looking. It’s always extra special when we find love in unexpected places. They both got talking when it was time to usher the couple in but eventually they lost touch altogether until a year later, when they bumped into one another again at a friend’s crib. When they reconnected, they also rekindled their unmistakable bond and a new chapter in their story began.


The Remarkable Meeting….

The Bride

It was a beautiful day in May 2012. My cousin’swedding, I was a bridesmaid and he was a groomsman. I walked into the church and sat down and as I took my head up to look at the groomsmen I had a very quick glance through but of course there was one guy I noticed that couldn’t take his eyes off me. It was a bit uncomfortable for me because I would make eye contact with him and he will still be staring seriously! After the church ceremony, we ended up being partners when it was time to dance in to the reception and automatically had to sit together. We got talking and it was quiet an interesting chat! Even though I can’t remember what we were talking about. We laughed and danced and gisted and he asked for my bb pin and my reply was I don’t like to add people I know I wont keep in touch with I’d rather have your number. (By the way I always collect the numbers rather than give my own because I never call the number) I thought I was being smart. Unfortunately for me, I had to call him the next day because we were to go to the couples house for the “Rakiya” and I didn’t know my way so we met up half way and I drove behind him. As expected, he called once or twice and we spoke and the remaining times I miss his calls intentionally but he got the gist! (That’s why I love him).


We didn’t keep in touch again till the next year when we met. I was with my friends playing temple run on my phone because I was quiet bored. I saw a shadow in front of me because my head was down and as I looked up to see who it was, lo and behold, it was my groomsman! I was really nice that day, we greeted and laughed and parted! Finally, 2 days later, I was like let me check if I still have his number I suddenly just felt the need to talk to him. I checked my phone and fortunately I saw his number, I gave him a call , to be honest he didn’t welcome me with open arms .He was very nice but very skeptical…… he kind of thought I was playing a prank on him or that someone sent me! Well, the rest was history!




The Unforgettable Proposal

To begin with, I had this idea that he will never propose to me in public if he were ever to take that step because he is very private when it comes to his personal life unlike me of course so I had ruled that out completely. I love surprises so I did not hesitate to mention jokingly in one of our conversations that I really want to be caught unawares when I’m being proposed to. It was the 22nd of June my birthday and my sister’s wedding day. We had an after party to celebrate my birthday that night so we all got dressed and went to the club. My friends were all there, I had family members, his friend’s in fact there was just a whole lot of people (I mean it’s a club)!


So we were all dancing with my friends in the VIP room and then one of the waitresses said to me that someone was calling me outside of the VIP room. I went to meet the person who was calling me and it was his friend and this friend of his was like call your friends lets go to the other side of the club. So I thought since the club was becoming full they were just kind of trying to gather us all in one area (that is the people that came to celebrate with me). We all went to this other side and were all there dancing and then I saw a group of about 15 guys all familiar faces dancing towards me and they started going down as they were dancing, I just thought it was a new dance step, you know how we just have different ridiculous dance steps nowadays in this country! So I also started dancing with them but then I saw that they all danced down to their knees! I was confused! Like for the 1st time my brain froze! I couldn’t think! I’m always very good in figuring things out but this time I was literally blank!


So I was just saying what is going on here? What’s going on my friends were all confused and then I saw him coming in-between his friends and he knelt down in front! My heart started pounding so fast! Meanwhile my brain was still blank! I just lacked understanding at that moment. My friends started screaming! And next thing he brought out this lovely box and it had the most beautiful ring I’ve seen which had a heart on it and well he said he asked me to marry him but of course with all the screams and the music and all! I didn’t hear oh but I said yes! That was like the most amazing and memorable day of my life! He made it such a big surprise that everyone was caught unawares so we do not even have a picture to remember that day. It was too Epic to be forgotten.

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Wedding Dates

White Wedding: 21st December 2013
Rakiya: 22nd December 2013

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Dress: Custom Made
Bridesmaids Dresses: Karen Mila +2348091668671
Fascinators: Dunni +2348023261865
Bouquet: The bride’s bouquet
Groomsmen Accessorise: DqT
Bride’s Rakiya Dress: Debbie’s Couture – (+234) 8036468924
Brides Beads: Beads by Oma +2348138814577
Pre engagement Photo Make Up: Kaysomme makeovers +2347064379487
Brides Wedding Make Up: Mamza Beauty +2348035051501
Bridesmaids Make Up: Anita Eguabor +2348102849972
Rakiya Make Up: Obianuju Instagram @ Obianuju_o
Pre engagement Photographer: Big H Studios +14693864081, +2348033119531
Wedding Photographer: Atunbi Photography
Rakiya Photographer: Jerry Bangoji +2348029999489
Wedding Décor: Simply Events +2348033288841
Bride and Bridesmaids Hair: hairbyemeka +2348034239851

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