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The Concept of Falling in Love: Beautiful Marriage Proposal

by WDN


The lovebirds first met in primary school but lost touch when they went to different colleges. Couple of years later, they met for the very first time through a mutual friend and something special ignited between them. He knew right there when he laid eyes on her, that she is not like any other girl….she is uniquely different. They became best of friends and he planned a special proposal for her. The psychological and philosophical bound of two hearts purposed to beat as one proves a perfect imagery to depict this particular narrative. Years shared, moments spent, messages exchanged, conversation altered all pause in time as time itself stands still for the ultimate purpose of the interrogatory “will you marry me?” .

The awesome video is directed by Folahanmi Awoyemi of XW Media.






Watch the Couple’s Lovely Marriage Proposal Video below….

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