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The Panty Liner

by WDN

Introducing the Personal Hygiene and Sexual Education Series
The goal is to shed light on some topics that people might shy away from and generally bring awareness that staying healthy promotes good relationships too.
Here is the first post guys enjoy and feel free to comment as usual.


A panty liner is an absorbent material like a mini sanitary pad used for women’s hygiene. It is usually extra thin and can be easily worn with no hassles. You can keep as many in your purse as possible, there is even room to slot one in your wallet pocket
Panty liners are worn inside women’s panties and absorb daily virginal discharge. They are also worn shortly after the menstrual cycle in order to absorb any left off. Women who are particular about their hygiene use it.
Women’s answers to the reason why they used panty liners were as follows
1. ‘Huh what is that?’ (Ignorant)
2. ‘Well I don’t like to wash my panty every morning, so when I wear panty liners it keeps my panty presentable for the laundry basket till weekend.’(Lazy)
3. ‘I wear panty liners because I am sexually active and I do not want my husband to think I am a dirty woman when I undress and the smell comes from there. (Honest)
4. ‘Wow, can we women do without panty liners, I don’t think so o. I you don’t wear panty liner your pant will just smell’ (lol funny answer but true to an extent)
5. I wear panty liner because no matter how much I clean myself up something will come out ni shaaaaa. (She just hit the nail on the head)
Well this is just a fraction of the answers. No matter how you feel about wearing a panty liner it is for good hygiene. If you do not have access to a good super market, you can try cleaning up with tissue or wet feminine wipes when you go to the bathroom. It does not matter if you are active sexually this is ‘personal hygiene’. For those of you who have daughters from the ages of 10 and up make sure they wipe themselves clean once they go t the bathroom to pee. Girls 10 and under can still clean up with tissue but please develop a good hygiene in your girls. The best time to start is when a girl starts her menstrual cycle, so it can be any age.
Let’s all stay healthy for our future and our partners

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faith November 3, 2013 - 10:03 am

i don’t think the “smell that comes from down there” is a bad one, unless you have an infection; that smell is what in most cases attracts a male to a female fyi… i only use pantliners for the last days of my period, on other days i clean up with wet tissue paper. works for me!

Bee December 23, 2013 - 1:54 pm

Usage of liners are good and easy yeah, but what about disposal? While in school, a girl use to sell liners and at that time toilets started to get blocked. After much investigation we realised most girls throw it in the latrine n flush. This shouldn’t be so, it should be disposed in the BIN and not into the toilet.


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