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The Surprising Benefit Of Working Out At NIght

by Toyosi Aromire


When we do exercises in the morning we tend to have one issue or the other. Especially for those of us who still have to go to work after working out in the morning. So I think working out at night is way better well that is if you close early from work. I have listed some benefits of working out at night….


1.Calmer Mornings

This point may seem obvious, but not having to pack your gym bag and  work bag to work, and then squeeze in your workout before running to the office (or school) means you’ll have a less-rushed morning. You will even have time for a proper breakfast. No more 30-second gym showers! You can take your time in the evening.


2. Sleep Better at Night

Yes, working out at night WILL help you sleep better! After your workout, you are much more relaxed. Exercise helps put your body and mind at ease, subsiding the days stress, and any anxious feelings you may be enduring.  So, start improving your sleep today! Workout at night, fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and stop waking up throughout the night

3. You don’t have to fight the crowds.

Have you ever been to the gym during the peak morning rush? It won’t let you do whatever you want to do because of the different eyes on you. But at night you are free to take a gallon of water without anyone saying a thing about it.

4. You have fewer rules.

Want to use the cardio machines for more than 30 minutes or maybe try out some of the personal training equipment? Gym rules you’d never even think about breaking during daylight hours suddenly get a lot more relaxed when it’s just you and the night crew. While you still can’t skinny dip in the lap pool (sorry), often they’ll let some of the smaller stuff slide.

5. You can work out harder for longer.

A lot of workout timing research focuses on your mind, but it turns out that your body may be most ready later in the day. One study found muscular function and strength peaks in the evening hours, in addition to oxygen uptake and utilization.

6. You can experience the freedom of night runs.

The freedom of running to any  length and not minding if you are all wet from stress won’t come into play. But also, make sure you are well dressed when working out at night.

7. Let out the Day’s Stress and Frustrations

Working out at night will help you release the day’s stress and take your mind off of your troubles. Exercise boosts your endorphins which help release stress. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag, hit the gym, and sweat out that excess stress tonight!

8. Time is Not an Issue

Exercising at night will save you time in the morning! How? Well, we all know that feeling…rushing to the gym early and having to run home, shower, and get ready for work. Why rush in the morning if you don’t have to? Just pack your after work gym bag, and hit the gym right after work. You will feel way more energized and relaxed!

So would you try working out in the night? have you worked out in the night before? what was your experience?




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