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The Title Called ‘Husband’!

by Mo Aremu

I wonder sometimes if it is really worth it to toil all your life and then have other people feast on the proceeds.
As a man I grew up believing that it is the man’s duty to provide for the family, and YES I have been doing that. I love my wife and children so much it hurts me when I think some day I might no longer be around to protect them.
I have a close friend who I no longer speak with only because I told him to take things easy and let his wife also work.I told him if he drops dead his wealth will disappear because his wife might not even know the first thing to do with money except to spend it. You see he struggles day and night and we can both beat our chests that we are big boys but this guy’s wife is freaking lazy, she can not even carry her purse herself.
We went for a wedding the other day and I saw the assistant (yes she has an assistant and she is a housewife o) carrying her bag for her.My wife pinched me and we both tried hard not to burst into laughter. I will give it to her, she is beautiful and very fit but she can not even have a serious conversation because she is so  ignorant it annoys you. My friend told me he can no longer be friends with me because I do not regard his wife and that she is the mother of his children and he will go to the ends of the earth to give them everything they want.
I really agree but what I do not support is the fact that my friend can not even go on vacation because he always thinks about every Naira he earns, one day off for him is losing money. He says he prefers his wife and children to go on vacation and have whatever they want. Even God rested after creating everything.
Please tell me as a men do we not deserve to rest? Is it wrong for our wives to give us money and not even blink?
Why is it that when a woman gives her husband money, it is always a topic in her circle, no man ever says a word when his wife cooks his favorite meal, sex him from morning till night only to collect #2 million naira for down payment on her dream car.
Tell me is it a crime to take a break and tell my wife to handle the bills for just one month out of the 40 years + that we will be together?

From a very worried husband, father and son.

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oghogho April 9, 2014 - 6:21 am

Well dis topic came at d right time for me cos ive being juggling It On my mind.ure very right a woman shd Work my Dad died and my mom neva worked he Left more dan 10 million naira and Some houses its 5 years dis Years since his demise and my mom wasted d money dis caused serious fights between her and our elder broda so Ure very Correct den allowing d wife pay d bills at times well I feel u 2 can share d responsibilities. giving her d lighter load so dere Will b less pressure on u as well Nt for any special reason but to retain your usefulness and Value as a man ure not just d head Cos Ure a Man ure d head cos Ure capable and responsible dnt compromise your. bf for instance expects me to pay my flight tickets for vacations, shopping and as little as Intanal flights to and from abuja simply cos I’m working it takes two matured individuals to pull it off but mY take both shd work

naomi April 9, 2014 - 6:49 am

God bless the male specie for the ones [email protected] are responsible though,,i cant even stand a man [email protected] will tell me not to work,cos i know its not everytime he will b√© able to meet my needs,,by God’s grace i will help my man with everything i have cos i cant imagine him doin everything [email protected] is why most of dem even die early cos of d stress and workload and a wife [email protected] is not helpin issue,,

tayo April 9, 2014 - 7:23 am

I want my husband to be financially responsible for the welfare of the home.He is the head,that’s is function.I would definitely work because I have parents who am going to be responsiblle for because they’ve been for me and I also have aspirations.But I wouldn’t like to perform the function of my husband.if he needs assistance,I wld help.but not sharing of duties.wld he help me cook or do other house chores? Women are striving to be like men,that’s over ambitiousness.I would work,but my husband needs to be totally capable in earnings shld jst be an addition.God help us all

Grace April 9, 2014 - 3:28 pm

I agree with tayo on this. God help us all

Ak4real April 9, 2014 - 7:33 pm

The word of God says the man should provide for the home, and the woman should be submissive. A man that cannot provide for his home is worst than an infidel.

Name* Chigoziem December 10, 2014 - 12:20 pm

I agree with Tayo


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