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Things To Discuss As A Couple Before Planning The Wedding

by Beatrice Inim

Planning the wedding with the wedding planner, should come only after a private planning with the couple has been carried out.   In that light,  there are certain things the couple should discuss before they talk to other parties about their wedding plans.

One of those things is the Budget.  So you want to have your own budget before hiring vendors and picking out items for the wedding.  Go for what is realistic and put your money only where your mouth is not in any other direction.

Next thing you want to do is focus your vision for your wedding. What do you want to see at the wedding? Discuss and lay out things that will help the planner plan and create a wedding that is authentic and unique to just you. Whether you are having a destination wedding or if it’s happening in your city,  having a vision quite early is important as it helps put details together more easily and specifically ,  during the actual planning process.

Then set your priorities.  This goes hand in hand with your vision. Set a list of preference and put things you care about the most first,  before the much less important ones. Ask each other what matters most to you both-from the decision of live band or DJ,  to photographers,  event planners, stylists,  etcetera. In this same vein,  the family dynamics coming in also.  What do both families stand for.  Is there going to be alcohol at the wedding?  Is there not? Figure things out to help the planner have an easy job to do.  For example,  if the bride or groom’s parents are divorced,  what should their seating arrangement be? -Do they want to sit together or on separate tabless?

Other things that may come up during this talk are things like what the bridal party entrance should be like, the table settings (will there be name tags on each table?),  what the atmosphere or reception room aura or mood should be like when guests start trooping in (if there should be calm or upbeat music playing at that time).

Ultimately you’d realise that talking about these things first, help make the official wedding planning something seamless.

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