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This heartwarming airport lounge video proves romance still exists in old age

by WDN


This adorable couple are showing that the romance between them is still as strong as ever.

The heart-warming footage captured at an airport lounge, believed to be in America, was filmed in secret and shows a smartly-dressed elderly man waiting for his wife to arrive.
Like a teenager on a first date, he stands awkwardly with one hand by his side grasping hold of a card.

And with the other, he holds a large bunch of flowers out in front of him.
Spotting his other half approaching, a smile erupts on his face and he opens his arms wide to greet her.


The video maker can be heard voicing her delight as the man reaches in to give his female friend a kiss before pulling her in for a cuddle.
The pair hold each other tight for almost ten seconds before unlocking their arms and kissing each other once more.


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