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Tips for Choosing The Best Foundation For Your Skin Tone

by Toyosi Aromire


Choosing the right foundation for your skin tone can be a little difficult especially when you are not sure of your exact colour. As a matter of fact most ladies don’t know their exact shade. Here are some useful tips when you are trying to get your foundation.

  • Don’t wear foundation when you go out to buy foundation-it will be much too confusing to determine your natural coloring.
  • If your skin is oily go for matte foundations if it is dry then go for a luminous one.
  • Look for store samples you can try on your skin before you buy the product.
  • Buy a new foundation for every season. Your skin changes shade and texture from winter to summer.
  • Ask the beauty technician if she can apply your foundation for you after you have purchased it so that you can pick up tips from her experience.
  • Put the sample foundation on the inside of your wrist to tell which shade you need.
  • Throw out foundation after 6-8 months. After this amount of time not only will the make-up develop bacteria, but it will lose pigment, separate and become less smooth in texture.
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