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Wedding Thank You Notes

by Antoinette Atolagbe

Weddings are celebration of love between you, your partner, friends and family. During the
after glow of the wedding, its time to appreciate your guests for their love and  gifts. In this age of social media messaging and emails, what better way to do this than to send personal hand written notes.

Thank you notes are ways to acknowledge people for their love and care during the wedding. It has lasted the test of time, can be kept for years and usually shows sincere care and  appreciation.
They should be precise and prompt. They should be enthusiastic but don’t gush e.g. This is the most beautiful pan I’ve ever seen in my life, well, unless you mean it. You can talk about how much you love the gifts or  how you’ll use it, acknowledge shipped gift within days either with a call or mail then you can send a note later. Don’t include your dissatisfaction or plans to return/exchange a gift.

There is no actual rule to writing these notes but memorable notes are those that express real feelings linked with the receiver, the gift might also give you a hint on what to write. A normal thank you note would be something like;

1. Straight to the point Thank You note

Dear Mr …….

‘Thank you for the silver dishes that you sent to Donald and I. I’m sorry you couldn’t be with us, we really wish you get well soon. We hope to see you soon.

Thanks for thinking of us

2. A more intimate thank you note

Dear Mr …….

Thank you so much for the silver dishes. Donald and I were so excited, it was almost like you knew we plan to host friends and family at Christmas and it would come in very handy. Cousin Tobi told us that you are recovering quite well. We hope to see you and the girls in January.

Thanks once again for loving us.
Antoinette and Donald

The main rule is to write from your heart, you can send a funny thank you note, there is no limit. All you have to do is find your style, you can order for the notes along with your other stationery, so they can follow a theme and when you do this , you can even get to write these notes as you unwrap  each gifts, which is the easiest way to do it. You can include  pictures  (don’t if they’ll cause too much delay). You don’t need to write too many sentences & you can also delegate the duty between you and your spouse e.g. the groom writes to his family, the bride writes to her family.

You can decide to explore your creative side and make DIY thank you notes which  makes it even more sincere and heart felt which is exactly the  way Thank you notes  are meant to be.

I know  you are thinking, ‘ No time for that o,  ill be in my husband arms’, I understand, you are finally married and we know how the honeymoon goes, wink wink. You can still make them after your honey moon or many months later. Just take out time and try it, it would be treasured forever.


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