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Tissue or Water?

by Mo Aremu

Will you prefer your girl/man to clean up with water of tissue?
We asked this question and these are some of the answers we got:
ANS 1. ‘Ah water of course, tissue still leaves smell and I don’t want to be smelling your poo while having sex’
ANS 2. ‘Tissue is good, but sometimes you have to use water, my wife uses her intimate wash and then cleans up with tissue’
ANS 3. ‘Personally I like my man to use water because tissue does not clean everything, when he takes off his boxers I don’t want to see anything brown at all’
ANS 4. ‘Tissue is good, at least now they make wet tissues so no excuse not to clean up’
ANS 5. ‘I don’t know o, whatever you use is fine as long as you don’t smell’
ANS 6. She is too embarrassed to answer.

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1 comment

moneyD March 26, 2014 - 8:01 pm

The more reason you both need to shower before sex!!

You wash you bum with you hands and then don’t wash your hands properly…ewwww! Some people need help


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