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Top 10 Wedding Flower Tips To Ease Your Planning & Preparation

by WDN


Choosing flowers is one of the most exciting tasks of wedding planning. Not only the bride, even your florist wants your wedding flowers to be beautiful. But it’s not as simple as just picking your favorite flowers and adding them in your wedding colors.

Here are some expert tips to make this happen. These basic things will surely help you get up to discuss the flowers with your florist and get the look you want:


  1. Do Your Homework Before Meeting A Florist

Spare some time to figure out what you like and learn how to describe that stuff before you start talking to florists. There are two main things you should know about: names of the flowers and floral terms of the bouquets(posy, cascade and biedermeier), arrangements and other details.


  1. Let Your Venue Influence Your Florals

Your wedding venue will greatly influence your flower decisions. If you are marrying in a park or a botanical garden or a vineyard, you can minimize the flowers. Moreover focus on the table configurations, they can help influence the shape and style of your centerpieces.


  1. Talk to Other Couples About Their Florists

The best way to find a florist is by word of mouth. So, ask some of the newly-weds to recommend, read reviews and browse the wedding magazines. If you’re working with a wedding planner ask them to give some suggestions of the area florists. Florists get booked fast; especially in the peak season, so start vetting them along with your other professionals and lock one in as soon as you can.


  1. You Need To Show, Not Just Tell

Try to bring your imaginations in images as they can tell more than words. Get your inspiration boards, a photo of your wedding gown or bridesmaid dress fabric swatch. This will help your florist with a vision and desire to create something of a kind for your wedding.


  1. Flowers are Big Chunk Of Your Budget

Generally, you should figure out that 10% of your total wedding costs will be spent to buy luxury flowers and for the wedding décor. This includes bouquets, boutonnieres for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception details. At the first meeting with your florist, put your budget on the table and ask him what great things you can include with that amount. Don’t forget to account for the extra stuff like setup and breakdown charges, tips and taxes.


  1. Some Flowers Will Be Out of Season

Talk to your florist about what flowers bloom in the season you’re set to wed and try to make those beautiful stems the mainstay of your arrangements. There are flowers which are available all year round too. Select the flowers which are able to last long.


  1. Certain Flowers Evoke Specific Styles

Flowers can reflect your wedding style. While tight bunches of traditional bridal blooms such as roses and peonies fit a classic vibe, lush arrangements of big, soft blooms can make a romantic note. Just work with your florist to pick up the style matching your overall look of your big wedding day.


  1. Bring Meaning Into Your Flowers

Look up how you can personalize your wedding flowers, from bouquet wraps to symbolic stems. For example, red tulips signify love and passion and lilies represent purity and happiness.


  1. Recycle Your Blooms

The blooms will probably last for some few hours. You can use those flaunting flowers in your other ceremonies. For example, Aisle arrangements can flank your bridesmaid bouquets, cake table and add color to the escort card display or making an archway can be a memorable exit. Plan with your florist, how you can reuse the arrangements to get the most bang of your bucks.


  1. Keep Your Guests in Mind

Finally, don’t let your wedding flowers get in the way of good time. Consider the entire tablescape and choose the centerpieces which are high or low enough to encourage conversations. Yes, you don’t want your tables to seem empty, but you also want your guests to have room to cut into their steak.

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