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Top Nigerian Wedding Trends of 2017 that You can Incorporate into the Year 2018

by WDN
Wura Manola teamed up with LoveweddingsNG to discuss the Top Nigerian Wedding Trends of 2017.
“2017 was a great year so far for weddings and we have seen some amazing trends. For those planning their weddings in 2018 and beyond, I encourage them to incorporate some of these trends into your wedding,” says wedding planner Wura Manola.

From first looks to destination weddings, creating unique wedding hashtags and aerial view photography, these two amazing ladies explain in details how 2017 wedding trends can be perfectly and effortlessly incorporated into 2018 weddings.
1. First Looks: This is definitely a new trend, this is where the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. This gives the couple the opportunity to get their professional shots out of the way
2. Destination Weddings: Destination weddings have always been a Nigerian wedding trend but we saw this pick up this year with the likes of Stephanie Coker getting married in Mykonos to Adesuwa and Banky W getting married in Cape Town. There are so many advantages of destination weddings and we would like to see more in 2018
3. Crying grooms: I must say this is an unusual trend but this year we have seen more and more of crying grooms, especially with the viral video of a groom pouring his eyes out as he saw his wife *so sweet*
4. Joint wedding Instagram accounts: With the likes of #ourjoyseries, joint wedding Instagram accounts have definitely become more of a trend this year. This is a way as LoveweddingsNG stated to take back ownership of your hashtag, as we have seen hashtags get abused with online marketers
5. Creative Hashtags: This has always been a trend but as the years go by the hashtags become more and more creative, another part of this is we are seeing people having one hashtag for their traditional wedding and another for their white wedding
6. Studio Pre-Wedding shots: Pre-wedding shots have always and will always be a trend in the Nigerian wedding industry, but people are now taking a more simple approach and taking pre-wedding shots in the studio using different backgrounds.
7. Wedding Illustrations: We have seen more and more of wedding illustrations this year and as LoveWeddingsNG stated in the video they are more of an add-on rather than a replacement for pre-wedding shoots. They can also be used as backdrop options, souvenir for guests and even decor
8. Bridal Stylists: Bridal stylists have definitely become more of a trend this year and we have predicted this to be a big trend. Brides are now getting bridal stylists for their full wedding look which is great not only does it take some pressure off but to also ensure the brides look their best
9. Slay Traditional Wear: Traditional outfits are one of the staples of our Nigerian weddings. We have the most beautiful fabrics and this year we have seen more and more of the stoned Aso-Oke fabric which is gorgeous
10. Overdressed wedding guests: This one is a little controversial but we have seen wedding guests at weddings looking like the bride. It is definitely a trend that has picked up this year and will probably continue.
11. Themed Weddings: We saw more and more of themed weddings this year and I must say it is so refreshing to see weddings so unique, interesting and fun. Bisolatrendybee really outdoes herself every time. We definitely want to see more in 2018
12. Trendy bridal robes: The bridal robes have evolved over the years, we have seen the standard robes to Ankara robes, to t-shirts and jeans and even dashiki and now the robes are super fancy with lace and chiffon. This is a trend we definitely love and cannot wait to see what brides will wear in 2018
13. Best woman: This was one of our favorite wedding trends for 2017, we love to see something unique and different and the best woman is just that! We’d love to see more best women in 2018
14: Grand Entrances: You basically cannot just dance into your wedding reception, you have to arrive, whether that be in a large ball, car, helicopter, hot air balloon, you need to make a grand entrance. We are loving the split screen option that #DWedding17 and #BAAD2017 had
15: Drones: Drones have definitely picked up this year and as Gtruly Weddings, our videographer said, they are a great way capture the exterior and the surroundings of your wedding venue even with the couple in the shot, definitely a must have with your wedding videography
16: Couple Youtube Channels: We have seen this more and more this year, we see couples going on Youtube in some cases even before the wedding. This is a trend we stayed neutral on, to each their own but LoveweddingsNG added that the more feedback we have of weddings the more useful they are for people planning their wedding and we couldn’t agree more.
Which unique wedding trends would you like to see in the 2018 and which one would you love to trash?
Enjoy the two-part videos embedded below!
Part 1

Part 2

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